Couple Embarks On a Thrilling Weight Loss Journey


Fed up with their weight, Lexi and Danny embarked on an incredible weight loss journey. Unlike those who decide on small steps to lose weight such as including water in their diet or eating more vegetables, Danny and Lexi took a whole different route all together. This decision would ultimately change their lives forever.

If you’re interested in finding out how they achieved this, then stick around for the rest of the article because their journey will blow your mind!

A Difficult Struggle with Excess Weight

For Lexi losing, the weight has been a constant battle she has had to deal with her whole life. She speaks on how she tried to use weight watchers and follow weight loss programs, but they never seemed to work for her. She also explains that when she did eventually manage to lose weight no matter how little, she would just gain it all back.

She has further talked about her attempts at losing weight. She would often skip breakfast but end up having an extra heavy lunch.


Prince Charming Walks In

When Danny met Lexi, he didn’t care about her weight, all he seemed to care about was that he had finally met the love of his life.

Danny also had his struggles with weight gain. He explains when he was younger and active in sports, he sufficiently managed his weight but once he stopped being active in sports, he gained weight. When the two came together and got comfortable in their relationship they continued to add even more weight. Up next the downward weight spiral continues


The 765 Pound Couple

Lexi admits that the couple’s favorite pastime was binge-watching Netflix and ordering in their favorite junk food just because they don’t feel like cooking. Taking care of themselves and their health took a back seat; in her own words, they became the 765-pound couple.

Eating was a shared interest between the couple. The couple even confessed that they would spend time at buffets eating to their heart’s contentment and once again their health took a backseat.  Okay we might have a problem, with what’s coming next


Just Keep the Food Coming

Lexi openly talked about coming from a home where money was scarce, therefore buying processed foods was easier than buying healthy foods. Processed foods are not the healthiest, this coupled up with lexis ability to put on weight fast wasn’t doing much to alleviate the situation.

Dating Danny didn’t make the situation better, if anything, the situation got worse if they’re not in restaurants eating, then you’ll find them on the couch still eating. No matter what the mood, no matter what the situation keeps the food coming.


Netflix and Chill

Being overweight doesn’t leave you with many activities left to do, right? Not able to go for hikes or cycling, the couple was left with staying in and watching as their pastime activity.

Lexi was the first to realize that some lifestyle changes needed to happen. She was a happy person filled with positivity and a strong will however there was one problem, she had zero motivation to make the necessary changes, well that’s what she thought until Danny pulls up with quite the surprise!


Will You Marry Me?

According to Lexi, Danny loved her for her. So, when he finally popped the question and asked her to marry him, everything changed for Lexi.

However, there was one big problem, she could not find a dress that fit. Lexi who has never been shy about her size weighed a whopping 485 pounds at that time. The highest point in her life suddenly became the lowest point she couldn’t find a dress. Well does our bride find the perfect dress, guess you’ll have to stick around to find out


It’s Time For Taking Off

Our bride eventually found the perfect wedding dress and our couple had the most magical wedding. Like every other couple, they started looking at life after the wedding, they wanted to have children but to achieve this they had to face some real truths.

Among them was that having a child with Lexis weight would be considered a high-risk pregnancy, chances of her or the child surviving were close to none, to find out the other truths, then you’ll have to stick around.


What If I Never Travel Again?

Like most people, one of Lexis’s dreams was to visit Universal Studios to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She eventually realized that if she had any hopes to travel, she had to get healthier.

She had to be able to fit on a plane given that she lived in Indiana and needed to get to Florida. Furthermore, she had to be able to fit on the rides. This was an impossibility when weighing 500 pounds. So, what will she do about it?


Even Then, The Couch Remained Their Solace

Even before Lexi got to meet Megyn Kelly on her tv series, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that both she and Danny weren’t really living their life to the max.

“We really were frustrated with having to spend far too many evenings lounging on our sofa binge-watching Television, consuming all our calories thoughtlessly,” she said. However, their weight had an effect on their ability to go to normal locations.


The Danger Signs Began To Appear

“I ‘d wake up each morning, my muscles would be stiff, I would be exhausted, but I would also immediately be well out of breath.”

Lexi said this after Megyn Kelly questioned her about the greatest obstacles she encountered on a regular basis. She noticed that it was a serious issue for somebody her age.


We Can’t Just Do Nothing

One year into the marriage and our favorite couple still spends their day binge-watching Netflix and eating their hearts out. Danny was perfectly comfortable with this lifestyle, but our dear Lexi was getting agitated. Her dream to travel was eating her up and to satisfy them she had to lose weight.

She wanted to change, but she could not find the motivation to get up and do it. you know what to do to find out what happens next.


Accepting The Challenge As A Team

Lexi Reed was only 25 years old and weighed a whopping 485 pounds. Danny, her husband, averaged 280 lbs, and the excess weight seems to have really stopped. Many normal tasks were becoming complicated, including riding a bike or even taking a walk.

When it got to their first anniversary, the couple figured it was crucial for them to start making some lifestyle changes.


Changes Would Come For The New Year

Numerous people make New Year’s resolutions annually and most are to no avail. However, Lexi and Danny were adamant that they’d be honoring their commitment.

They were both fed up with being overweight and now that they were operating as a team, they were confident that they could take on life like a beast together and overcome their weight loss challenges.


Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Day, Lexi finally put an end to hers and Danny’s old habits. She did away with binge-eating and introduced new healthy eating habits and a new exercise regimen.

Turns out bringing Danny in for the ride wasn’t as hard, he was looking forward to being a father and how would he spend time with his kids with all that weight? With both of them on board with the new plan, the couple kick-start their weight loss journey


For Better for Worse

Danny admitted that this new journey wasn’t as exciting. He was already comfortable with the previous routine. Coming home to bum on the couch all day and eating comfort food was a much better plan.

Like the supportive husband he was, he made a decision. He would sacrifice his lifestyle if it meant being right there by his wife during this journey. To help Lexi change her life then he would change his life too. To keep them on track, they came up with a set of rules.


The Commandments

Reverting to old habits can be easy, to avoid this, the couple developed a set of rules to keep them on track. They placed bets with their friends to keep them in check, and they declined any temptations.

They took the cold turkey method to prove to themselves that they had sufficient self-control; little did they know that in taking back control of their life they would become an inspiration to others with the same problem.


Faithful Friends Join The Challenge

When a friend learned of their plan, he agreed to help. Danny and Lexi took the risk of making a measurable commitment to abstain from alcohol and cheating for 30 days.

The pair welcomed the hurdle and even joined a gym as a result. Will they, however, really go to the fitness center? Many such Americans sign up and then never show up.


Take It from Me

Lexi was determined to change her lifestyle. she directly said, “We were fed up with the life that we were living and all the things we couldn’t do as a couple” Lexi is an adventurous soul and there was so much she wanted to see and do such as going for walks with her husband.

“We also feared that if we didn’t get our health right, we wouldn’t be able to start a family. “With these goals in mind they started to track their progress, Lexi started an Instagram page.


The Perfect Gym

To kick-start their fitness journey Lexi needed to find the right gym, with the right equipment this turned out to be a task. Because of what she weighed Lexi experienced serious joint pain and required a gym that could withstand her weight.

The couple was also not planning on hiring a gym trainer, no sir, this was a journey they planned on taking alone with their self-discipline and dedication to keep them in check, on top of that a gym trainer was also quite expensive.

Do they find the perfect gym?


The Perfect Gym Does Exist

For a gym to meet Lexis’ expectations, it had quite the requirements to live up to. For starters, to go along with her joint pain, it needed to have the right equipment. She was also quite self-conscious so she needed a less populated gym for her comfort.

She found it and fell in love with this space saying, “I found a machine called the cross-ramp that did not hurt my joints at 485 pounds and I fell in love with it” ticking off the exercise aspect of the journey; they needed to take care of food next.”


More Fish To Fry For Lexi

With the exercise aspect of the journey taken care of, if they were going to make any progress, they needed to watch what they ate. They stopped going out and ordering takeaways and started making homemade food. This way they could control the intake.

Given that they both loved food, they started preparing meals for each other. This way they were learning how to take care of each other’s needs. They began finding healthier ways to enjoy the meals they did before by making healthier versions for each other.


When No Excuse Is Acceptable

Numerous people would like to lose some weight and then get in shape, but they don’t make it a priority. As a result, they don’t go to the gym, they don’t get healthier, and they feel bad regarding themselves. Lexi was not prepared to let her get away with it.

“I just want to treat it like a work event,” she said of her workout routine. I’m my own boss, and I’m not going anywhere.


They Overcame The Challenge As Partners

Lexi, on the other hand, did not attempt to lose the weight on her own; she was accompanied by her spouse, Danny. They both wanted to workout together to get in better shape.

The couple makes certain that they are always there for each other and that they assist one another in solving problems. Particularly the weight issue which was affecting both their health and ability to have a child safely.


The Lifestyle Changes Started Paying Off

Lexi clarified how minor changes can lead to more great outcomes and how anything is possible. They had started to shift the way they ate.

They avoided going out with every meal and made healthier versions of the foods they craved. They began going for walks and working out at the gym more often, five days a week. Their new way of life was becoming more permanent.


Diets Are Temporary, Lifestyles Are Forever

Danny and Lexi insisted that what they were doing was not dieting but a complete change of lifestyle. She strongly believed that diets were a temporary solution to a problem whereas they needed a permanent one, so she chose a whole new lifestyle for them instead.

To make this process easier for both of them (remember they are food lovers), Lexi made a list of all the food they loved eating and found a way to enjoy this same food but more healthily by making a healthier version of the foods.


A Couple That Supports Each Other

It is safe to say that this couple was each other’s cheerleader. Without Danny, Lexi would not have been inspired to change her lifestyle and without Lexi, Danny would not have been bothered to leave his comfort zone.

Leaning on the support they were offering each other, the couple was able to kick-start their journey and continue with it. However getting the journey started was only one piece of the puzzle, keeping up with it was where the challenge lies.

Up next, life at the gym…


New Support System At The Gym

As Lexi continued going to the gym, she became even more confident in herself. She started taking even more classes and suddenly going to the gym wasn’t as bad. She even made some new friends.

She now looked forward to going to the gym! Yes, making friends who work out just like you can really be all the encouragement one needs.  Her new friends became her biggest supporters, making workouts less of a chore.


You Reap What You Sow

The hardest part about working out is that sometimes you put in the work, but the results take time to show. You might be doing everything right, you go to the gym, you’re eating healthy, but the results don’t show just yet.

However, this was not the case for Lexi, she had put in so much work that the results came in immediately. She lost 20 pounds in just a month after she started, meaning if Lexi was getting married today, she would have no problem finding a wedding dress.


Danny's Progress In The Gym

Although Danny did not weigh as much as his wife, he still weighed quite a bit. He changed his lifestyle as a show of support for his wife. Little did he know that his life would change too. He also lost the excess weight he had put on, as evident by his great results.

Danny went from 280 pounds to 190 pounds in just two years. Though a majority of the weight he lost in his first year, he kept going to the gym in solidarity with his wife.

Coming up next is a reveal of Lexi after putting in so much hard work in the gym, keep reading…


Introducing the New and Improved Lexi

When Lexi started working out she weighed close to a whopping 500 pounds but as of May 2018, she had lost 312 pounds, making her a new person. She reaped the fruits of her labor and she was over the moon with the results.

You would not even believe the first time that Lexi noticed a difference in her body. She was at a restaurant, and it occurred to her that suddenly her stomach was not resting on the table as she sat. She now had plenty of room to breathe.


Lexi, The Instagram Influencer

As a means of progress, Lexi started an Instagram account with the handle @fatgirlfedup where she would post her pictures just to challenge herself and motivate anyone taking on the same fight as her.

She would post a motivational quote under each picture and before she knew it, she had a huge following of people who were drawing their inspiration from her posts and quotes. Her Instagram documentation of her weight loss inspired do many people to start working on their journey as well.


Life In The Limelight For The Couple

Soon Lexi and Danny’s story had spread to anyone and everyone, and they quickly became famous. Most news stations ran their story increasing the spread of their inspirational journey.

Being in the limelight has also acted as another support system for the couple as they continue on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. As much as this has been inspirational to them, the couple says that sometimes it is nice to be able to just go on a hike with the person you love.


Freedom from the Shackles of Weight

Now at a healthier weight, Lexi says that she no longer feels enslaved by her own body. She says she is grateful for the journey and continues to enjoy it every single day. Although she says she loved herself when she was bigger, life is more enjoyable in her current weight.

“I loved myself even at 485 pounds just to be able to wake up and do whatever I want to do and go wherever I want to go, I no longer feel like a prisoner in my own body.”


A Constant Dose of Self Reflection

For Lexi, looking back at how far she has come is a constant in her life. Looking back at all the hard work she had to put in to get to where she is today was not an easy task to forget. Lexi is always open to sharing.

She communicates to her followers through her Instagram posts. Her platform inspires others constantly as she shares how everyone’s fight is different but regardless of this, you just need to start.


Lexi Is Not Picture Perfect

The biggest flow with a majority of the social media influencers is that they paint a perfect picture. Most of them seem so perfect and without a flaw that trying to relate to them may seem impossible. Of course, they don’t lack their struggles and failures; they just don’t show them.

Unlike the rest of them, Lexi was not trying to hide anything. She posted her imperfections and her failures in the hope that she would inspire someone. Even now that she has lost weight, her videos of when she was struggling are still on her page.


She Talks About Being Kind To Yourself

Lexi insists that weight loss is just as mental as it is physical. In the summer of 2018, she encouraged her followers to speak nicely to themselves because as a person you’re always listening. She insists on the importance of the way we speak to ourselves.

If you constantly speak negatively to yourself then the results will be negative and the opposite applies. If you’re positive towards yourself then the results will show. Talking and being kind to yourself also contributes to how you show up for your workouts and the results that follow.


You Don’t Have To Live In The Gym

Lexi likes to remind her followers that the gym can also be fun. She insists that you don’t have to live in the gym to get and stay healthy. Lexi and Danny like to mix up their routine by incorporating different workouts.

Ten hard minutes can easily be just as effective as thirty minutes if you push yourself. Make it fun and start where you can, at the end of the day we all start somewhere. Working out outside or even taking the occasional walk can help you enjoy your workouts more too.


Exercise Can Be Found Anywhere

It is possible for some people to be intimidated by the idea of working out in a gym, especially if it has a lot of people, and you are just starting your fitness journey. Lexi likes to encourage people that you do not have to go to the gym to get in your daily activity.

She once shared a photo of a hike she once went on with a friend and encouraged people to go out and spend time with nature and explore.


Changing Her Daily Habits Changed Her Life

Up until now, Lexi still admits that she is not always motivated to go to the gym or stick with it either, but she quickly learned that she did not take care of herself first. She would never get it done because she would immerse herself in other things.

She once posted a caption saying, “When I woke up this morning, I was sore, tired, full of excuses and not motivated however despite my excuses I knew I had to get it done. I have learned the key to weight loss is in your daily habits. When I started to work out in the morning it helped change my


The Couple That Work Out Together Stays Together

Ever since Danny and Lexi started their weight loss journey together one thing has remained constant- their love for each other. It was their love for each other, their goals, and their dreams that pushed them into creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves.

The new life that Danny and Lexi have created together is now healthier than what they previously had when they were dating. Their weight loss journey is truly inspiring and anyone out there struggling with their workout habits should look to this couple for inspiration.


She Shares Food for the Soul and the Mind

Lexi is proud of the fact that she lost all her weight without having to go for surgery, using diet pills, or any other measures that people tend to rely upon. Instead, by changing her eating habits and consistently going to the gym, she was able to lose her weight.

Lexi documents her eating journey on Instagram, explaining why she chooses some of the meals she does and how you can make some of your favorite meals healthier. For example, she once explained how sushi could be made healthy.


Any Meal Can Be Turned Into a Healthy Meal

Lexi advises people on the kind of meals to take while still maintaining their healthy journey. She notes that often the kind of meal people order in restaurants is not the problem, rather the accompaniments that come with the food such as salads with dressings.

She not only shares about her health fitness journey concerning food, but also how she manages to eat her favorite foods in a healthy manner. She asks people to be aware of extra condiments as these can easily increase a person’s calorie count.


It’s The Little Things In Life

The little things in life can mean the world to you or get under your skin. The one thing that always bothered Lexi was her limited choice of clothes when she weighed close to 500 pounds. She did not have a lot of options to choose from.

When Lexi and her husband finally went for the Vans Warped tour in 2018, she finally got herself a T-shirt because she could now fit into one. She says she had attended the same tour for over eight years and couldn’t fit.


Lexi Doesn't Let Fear Rule Her Life

Lexi stresses the importance of the life you live compared to the weight you lose. She explains that it’s not about the weight you lose but the kind of life you live afterward.

In a recent post on Instagram, she explained how she had recently conquered her fear by finally going kayaking. She insists that she didn’t die or get eaten by snakes as she previously feared. She stresses that the importance of life after weight loss is putting herself out there and doing everything she once couldn’t do.