Danielle’s Possible Departure From American Pickers, And More Behind-The-Scenes Stories


American Pickers, everyone’s favorite antique appraisal reality TV show, is famous for its colorful characters and their insatiable love for second-hand goods. It’s a go-to source of inspiration for those who enjoy learning about antique items and other unique artifacts.

However, there’s much more to this show than meets the eye. For instance, after Frank Fritz announced his departure, rumors spread like wildfire that Danielle would be next to leave. There’s plenty of American Pickers gossip to be had, and we’ve got all the details. Let’s dive in.

American Pickers Without Danielle

You might be shocked to find out that Danielle Colby wasn’t originally supposed to be part of the American Pickers cast.  The History Channel wasn’t in favor of her inclusion when the show first started out. Good thing they did the show wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Thanks to Mark and Frank’s persuasions, the History Channel relented and gave her the part. The pair played no small part in bringing her in, and this may partly explain why there are rumors in the air about her possible departure.


She Wants A Life Away From The Spotlight

Not all celebs are content to be the center of attention. Some of them choose to leave the limelight and go on to have simple, private lives. One of the primary reasons why issues like this arise is because of social media updates.

Danielle is indeed living in Puerto Rico. She’s living her best life away from fame, without cameras following her every day. From hearing such good things about the island from her friends, Danielle decided to go for it. In one of her interviews, she said that moving to Puerto Rico was the best decision she’d ever made. 


Danielle’s Taxes

It’s no surprise that this would come up when her departure from American Pickers came to light. Danielle has had issues with the tax office for a long time. We don’t know the ins and outs of her case, but needless to say, it probably made things more complicated for her.

Danielle received her first notice of unpaid taxes in 2013. At one point, she owed the IRS over $6,000. The IRS issued her four more statements over the next few years as her debt continued to climb.


Danielle’s Marriage Downfall

Fame, as well as fortune, came along with her success on American Pickers.  Fame is a fickle thing, but it isn’t for everyone. In Danielle’s case, it was the root cause of her failed marriage. She said in an interview at WQAD-TV in 2012, “Fame and notoriety are not easy for [my ex-husband] to deal with at all, so the relationship ended up not working out.”

Her relationship with her husband appeared to be deteriorating due to her tremendous exposure on the show. Her husband eventually asked for a divorce, which she granted.


Danielle’s Unsure Footing

Before she joined, Danielle was uncertain of taking the role when Mike offered it to her. Mike recalls the first time they discussed the offer. Danielle thought he was joking.

At a question and answer event held in 2010, Mike said he asked her to do it, and Danielle’s response was, “Are you nuts?” Mike and Danielle have been friends for more than a decade. What better way to start a new career than with someone you truly trust?


Danielle’s Entrance

It’s no mystery why Mike wanted to get Danielle on the show. They were friends for a very long time, and on top of that, they both had the same keen eye for antiques. Danielle was perfect for the job.

Mike said, “I wanted someone that did not look like they would work in any antique shop because I wanted our show to be looked at in a different way. I wanted people to look at antiques like they’re fun, they’re rad, they’re killer, they’re awesome.” 


Is It Staged?

Some speculate that the show is often staged. Many speculate or posit that the crew plant expensive items to make the finds on the show that bit more exciting and to guarantee a story. Say it ain’t so!

While Mike and Frank have indeed proven themselves to be bonafide experts in their field, some still doubt their abilities. The real question is, if it’s staged, how much of what they show is legitimate, and how much is not? 


Mike’s Thoughts On His Solo Gig

Can you imagine the show without Frank and Danielle? Probably not. Their chemistry is not just greatit’s part of why the show works so well. But did you know that Mike started the show alone?

That’s right, at one point, American Pickers was a solo effort. Mike felt there was something off about the presentation and set out to find the right partners for this show. Since he’d known him from childhood, he asked Frank. Afterward, he brought on Danielle, who he’d known for a long time.


A Show Without A Pilot Episode

Usually, a production company has to put a pilot episode together and impress a board of executives before a show can be picked up by a network. But American Pickers is an exception.

We’re not sure why the History Channel decided to air the show without a pilot, but one thing is certain: the fact that Mike was able to secure a full-season deal with them demonstrates true star power. 


Another Allegation For The Show Being Staged

Those who doubt the show’s authenticity claim that Mike and Frank actually always arrive separately to the set. They claim that what we see on the show where they are together in the car is always filmed beforehand.

It is said that they take different cars to the set. If this is true, it would be a strong allegation to make. If you remember, the duo has been friends since childhood. 


Mike and Frank’s True Relationship

On-cam, the chemistry between Mark and Frank is rock solid. They mesh well in whatever they’re doing, and their team spirit always brings them success. But some people say the two aren’t close in reality. Is it all for the show?

Some people claim that when the cameras are off, these two aren’t best friends at all, contrary to the storylines in the show. If so, we hope that whatever’s between them gets resolved.


Nonstop Shooting

Some reality shows require their cast and guests to perform multiple times in a scene so that the director can get the best take. It’s standard practice and good for the editor. Having lots of footage means that they can edit and produce a perfect episode.

This was proven to be true by the South Carolina auctioneer, Rob Dinkins, one of the show’s many guests. We just hope everyone who works on the show gets enough rest during long shoots. They truly deserve it.


International Adaptation

American Pickers has set the bar so high that some countries, including Australia and Canada, have created their own spin-offs of the show. Other countries across the world have their own Pickers, too.

We know the antique show as American Pickers, so other countries had to rename their versions. This is how Aussie Pickers was born. Unfortunately, Aussie Pickers only lasted four seasons. 


How It Got Its Name

Before settling on that iconic name, the production crew tabled a brainstorming session. Many names were considered, including “American Picking Crew,” “Flip This Junk,” and “Mr. Picker.”  We can see why they chose the current name of the show: Americans sure do love America.

The show’s name is as important as the show itself. It can give you a hint about what the show is about and where it’s taking place. It’s like a person’s name; it identifies who you are. And because it has the word “America” in it, people will know that it’s all about Americans.


The Cast No Longer Works at The Store

The fame the cast received must have been a surprise. The staff had to stop working at the store where they used to make a living because so many people came to visit them and get their autographs. 

If you wanted to see Mike, Frank, or Danielle in one of their antique warehouses, we’re sad to tell you that you won’t be able to. It’s best to just watch the show and marvel at what they do.


Taking Credit for Other Work?

Some people think that Mike and Frank are actually just taking credit for the researchers’ work and that the show’s researchers were the ones who are working hard to find sellers and items.

Even if this is true, consider that they are simply working as a team. Because they are “The Hosts,” Mike and Frank are responsible for taking care of all the talking, buying, and selling on camera. This is a common practice in the world of television.


Others Have Profited From the Show’s Popularity

Landing a guest spot on a popular show can help you to garner a lot of attention. This happened to Mole Man Ron, who appeared on one episode of American Pickers. He left such a massive impression and profited at such a rate afterward that many people also wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

It’s said that after the show, Mole Man received offers left and right. One of them was an advertisement for a yard sale. We don’t know if the ad was a success, but it was a great win either way.


$10 Million Gain

Because of the massive success of the show, the three main hosts made a total of $10 million. Mike, Frank, and Danielle surely deserve it for their on-camera devotion to the show and their viewers.

Reportedly, Mike took away $5 million from the show, Frank gained $4 million, and Danielle snagged $1.5 million. Doing what you love while earning the big bucks is genuinely a dream come true for these three.


The Truth About Hobo Jack

One of the most memorable guests in American Pickers was Hobo Jack. But Jack’s true identity has been a point of contention for viewers over the years. It turns out that Hobo Jack is not a Hobo at all. He was born Jack Sophir, and he’s not actually cut off from society.

Fans of American Pickers may be surprised to learn that Hobo Jack is a published author. But Jack isn’t just a successful writer. He’s also a talented instrumentalist and musician. In some episodes, we can see Hobo Jack playing some musical instruments: a banjo, harmonica, and guitar.


Celebrities in American Pickers

American Pickers has guest-starred a few big names in the entertainment industry, including the White Stripes and Raconteurs frontman Jack White. Because of the show’s success, many celebrities want a spot on the show.

Other celebrities included Dolly Parton, one of the most famous country musicians of all time. She was one of the biggest guests on the show. Allegedly she reached out to the producers herself. Wow! 


The Opening Song Was Recycled

The opening theme for American Pickers was by the band Jingle Punks. But the song isn’t an original. It’s a cover of a song by Reckless Son. The production team’s head honcho instructed them to make a rock n’ roll version of the song, and they nailed it.

The song fits the show so much, and it’s all thanks to the genius producer and musicians. We can’t imagine the show without hearing that catchy rock song. We love it!


Is The Show Coming To An End?

Is it true that we’re going to have to say goodbye to American Pickers? What a bummer! The show has been on the air for a long time, and it means a great deal to its fans, many of whom have made it a part of their life for over a decade.

But as we all know, nothing lasts forever. In an interview with News 8, Mike said that he’d be doing one last season of American Pickers, and that’ll be it. He stated that he wanted to spend more time with his children while they were still growing up. Understandable!


Frank Has A Successful Career Outside of American Pickers

American Pickers has been an enormous success. Even if the show ends, we know that at least Frank will go on to do great things. Why? Because he is and already was a great businessman outside of the show.

He does what he’s known for in the show—he picks vintage items, primarily cars, and sells them for a profit. Even before the show, he earned a small fortune because of all his hard work, dedication, and ability.


Frank is Still Frank

Despite all of his success, Frank remained the same old Frank. He tries to make sure that fame doesn’t get to his head and always remembers what’s really important about life.

“When the show’s over, I will get rid of my stuff… I’ll go back to just being Frank, still living in my town. I haven’t bought a big house, no fancy cars. I still drive my ’86 Ford Ranger, still live in the same house I’ve lived in for 26 years,” he said to The Columbus Dispatch.


Frank’s Dark Side

Frank was arrested for driving on the wrong side of the freeway in 2017 after being pulled over and failing a sobriety test. It was one of the show’s biggest scandals. 

Frank had to pay a fine for his actions and was even put in rehab for a year. It goes without saying that drinking and driving isn’t a great combo. We hope he learned his lesson.


Frank’s Lay Low From Driving On Cam

After the incident, we can see Frank riding as the passenger and not in his usual place: the driver’s seat. It’s good that the staff and crew were deliberately withholding the wheel and not letting him drive.

Mike is behind the wheel in most episodes now. It’s great that Frank has someone to rely on when he’s in a difficult situation. 


Frank’s Level of Experience in The Field

According to some rumors, Frank was not as experienced as Mike when they started. We just want to point out that Frank and Mike do a great job with the show, and it doesn’t matter who’s ahead in terms of experience now.

If you think that experience alone makes for a good team, you’re wrong. Mike and Frank are proof that great team synergy can go a long way. Mike, Frank, and Danielle have explosive chemistry together, and it shows episode to episode.


Frank has Crohn’s Disease

Some fans noticed changes in Frank’s physical appearance throughout the show’s run. For example, he suddenly lost a lot of weight between seasons. In 2013, he explained the sudden changes, shocking the fans.

He had Crohn’s Disease. It is an inflammatory bowel disease that can affect any part of the digestive tract, from top to bottom. “I have an illness called [Crohn’s disease], which at times is difficult to deal with,” he posted on his Facebook page. 


Losing In Court

In one episode, an antique collector, Jerry Bruce, saw an item that he wanted in Frank’s shop. It was an old device used to test sugar levels in alcohol. He contacted Frank and made the purchase.

However, Frank, for whatever reason, failed to deliver the apparatus. This resulted in a fine of $1,000 after losing a court judgment. The cost of the apparatus was $300. He lost $700 in total, and of course, the trust of a customer.


An Intriguing Rumor

Many people have speculated that Mike and Frank’s relationship is more than just a special business partnership. While we would be fine if Mike and Frank really were a couple, it’s fairly obvious that this is just groundless speculation.

Mike and Frank are together most of the time because they work together. Mike is a married man, and Frank has been dating a woman named Diane for quite some time. 


The Show’s Road To Success

The success of American Pickers is not something that every TV producer can relate to. Before airing on the History Channel, they spent at least five years trying to get a TV exec’s attention. 

It only shows how dedicated Mike, the show’s original creator, was to land their spot on the History Channel. Perhaps if they’d made a pilot episode, they might have gotten picked up earlier. Who knows?


Mike’s Side Hustle

Although Mike is known for his picking abilities, it’s only a side hustle. His primary income comes from his clothing retail business. But that’s not all Mike has going on.

He runs other businesses, such as a craft beer brewery, a photography studio, a candy boutique store, and a coffee shop. On top of that, he’s a real estate investor. What an entrepreneur!


His Generous Heart

Without Mike, Frank and Danielle wouldn’t be part of American Pickers. On top of that, he also supports Operation Smile, a charity that helps fund children’s surgery all over the world. They assist children who need mouth and face surgery.

It started when his daughter, Charlie, needed surgery to fix her cleft lip and palate. From there, his soft spot for children grew. We thank him for helping children all over the world. 


Mike’s Advice for The Next Generation of Pickers

We all know that Mike loves helping children worldwide and people in general. Mike also wants to help the next generation of pickers grow in their field. As a seasoned veteran, he believes in nurturing enthusiasts so that they too can turn trash into treasure.

What better way to connect to a new generation of pickers than the internet. He set up a website for young pickers to visit, and he also wrote a book titled “Kid Pickers: How to Turn Junk into Treasure.”


Started At a Young Age

Mike’s interest in picking started early. At the age of six, he had already sold his first item: a rusty bicycle. Not every kid has that kind of intuition for business. Other kids at the age of six would be happier kicking around a ball or playing dress-up.

But Mike is different. It’s fascinating to know his roots while watching him work on the show. We hope he’ll be able to enjoy what he does best for a long time to come.


The Reason For His Skills

When you need to survive, you develop specific skills. Experience hones skills, which is something that Mike learned early on. Rather than being rocked by obstacles, people should learn to grow through them.

Mike was one of the three siblings living with their mother. He experienced a lot of hardships growing up. And because money was scarce, he grew up not having enough for himself, which got him interested in picking. 


Home is Where The Heart Is

Although Mike is in love with picking, he will never move to be closer to where he works. The picking business isn’t exactly classy, and having done so well for himself these days, Mike would want a little elegance and comfort in his life. 

“I love this stuff, but I would never live in a place that looks like the places we pick,” Mike said in 2011, in an interview with The New York Times. Of course, the people who do have to live near those places might be all sorts of desperate. You never know.


Jack of All Trades

Aside from being a successful host of American Pickers, Danielle was a successful business owner. She has a clothing outlet called “4 Miles 2 Memphis”. If you love vintage or retro clothes, then you might want to visit her store.

We can tell that Danielle worked hard to achieve her fame and fortune. She deserves everything she enjoys now. We can see why Mike wanted her so badly for the show. Her star quality is undeniable.


Danielle’s Strict Upbringing

Danielle portrays herself as a powerful, self-made woman, carefree and strong. But Danielle was raised with very strict parents. She was born in Davenport, Iowa. Her family was more the “traditional” type, as you can see.

Here she looks quite different from the classy punk-rocker she is today. But one thing that will never change is her love for her family and an interest in antiques.


Lover of History

Danielle, in fact, was perfect for the show. Why? Because she has a knack for buying and selling and a keen eye for diamonds in the rough. It’s something you can’t really learn on a course or in school, but Danielle has those skills.

Danielle wrote on her website that her role on American Pickers reflected her real love of history. She believes that an item’s beauty is exonerated by its story. It’s true: we learn to value objects more once we know their stories.