Doctor Delivers Surprising News Weeks After Couple Gives Birth To Their First Child


Reality is often far from fantasy or the dazzling love stories we see in films and television. However, here we have a beautiful love story that proves to us sometimes life has a funny way of making dreams come true. Sometimes things you need will come into your life in the most unexpected and amazing ways.

Ben Curby and Eliza Curby’s relationship could have been straight out of a movie – meeting at a bistro, becoming hopelessly enamored quickly, and later discovering they were expecting a child together.

Eliza & Ben

Even so, shortly after she gave birth to her delightful baby, things took an unexpected turn. The surprising news life threw at Eliza and Ben could’ve be overwhelming for many other couples.

Will they be able to handle their new situation? Read on to find out.


Eliza Curby’s Life-Long Dream

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Elizabeth Curby grew up in the city. As a child, she dreamed of having her own children one day. The more she got older, the more excited she became about the idea.

The way her family grew surprised her since she always imagined she would have a large family. Eliza worked long and hard to build her perfect life before she eventually became the loving mother she always dreamed of.


Being a Barista in a Café

While Eliza did not know what she wanted to do with her life in the early 2000s, she enrolled in college just like most teens out of high school. In 2002, she started at the University of North Texas. After attending Brigidine College St. Ives for three years, she decided to switch schools in 2007.

Her mid-20s brought her to work at a local café, where she spent her days chatting with colleagues. She had no idea how important and life-changing this café would be for her.


A Boy and a Girl Meet

The second Ben walked into the busy cafe where she worked, Eliza Curby saw him right away! She never realized how quickly they would fall in love as if they were straight out of a romantic “boy-meets-girl” type of film.

The girl works at a café. The boy walks into the café to order coffee. Flash forward. Boy and girl slowly fall for each other in secrecy.

It was a secret to them, or at least they believed it was.


Blue Eyes that Electrify You

My workmates soon learned about my crush, even though I kept it to myself at first. It was a joke that they would tell Eliza, ‘There’s your husband,'” she said. Truthfully, this seemed to be a much deeper relationship. It was love at first sight for Eliza, and whenever she caught a glimpse of his beautiful blue eyes, her heart melted. As the old saying goes, it was love at first sight. The eyes reveal the soul.

As she took his order, she found herself captivated by his electric blue eyes. How would Eliza be able to transition this from a professional relationship to a romantic one when she worked in a place of business?


It's Time to Change the Dynamic

Ben, one of Eliza’s favorite regulars, became increasingly friendly with time. After many coffee orders, the two became friends, which led to a greater level of trust. This eventually led to something beyond the four walls of the busy coffee shop.

Within a few months, the young puppy love barista would be presented with a unique opportunity that would transform their relationship, and allow them to move forward.


An Interesting Wintertime Deal

Eliza’s love for this man with beautiful blue eyes was clear to everyone at work. Despite this, her and Ben only talked for about 10-15 minutes a day since they only interacted at Eliza’s work.

During the winter, Ben would make Eliza an unexpected offer that she simply could not refuse. She could use it to show Ben how much she cares and how much she could be trusted as a friend.


A Rather Personal Task

Eliza recalled that Ben asked if she could house-sit at his place while he was away in December 2014. How exciting! It’s quite a challenge to ask someone to house-sit for you – you can’t just ask anyone. Home is the only place anybody can truly call their own. Right?

Even though she wasn’t sure what she thought of him, Eliza was glad to do Ben a favor while he was out of town for the holidays.


Thanks with a Gift

Eliza didn’t really know what to make of Ben before the house-sitting offer came about. She didn’t even know how he felt about her. Upon his return home, however, everything changed. Eliza noted that she realized he was also into her when he returned two weeks later with a bracelet.

The bracelet he gave her was not only a gift, but he also invited her to dinner that night – so they could actually converse and get to know one another better. What an exciting progression!


From A Crush Over Coffee To The First Date

We can only imagine how Eliza felt. She received some beautiful jewelry as a “thank-you” gift from her coffee shop crush, and he also invited her for a hot dinner date. She was in love! The night was about to make Ben’s feelings for Eliza crystal clear if they weren’t already.

“As we shared dinner together that night, it was the first time we’d spoken for more than 15 minutes! Then we shared our first kiss,” Eliza revealed. How romantic!


It Was A Good First Month

The two were inseparable after their special dinner in December, just like in the movies. Their honeymoon phase had just begun and they were enjoying every moment. They were already talking about their future together after they fell in love within weeks. Ultimately, Eliza’s dream was to become a loving mother to a bunch of adorable children.

It’s quite common to get frightened by taking such a big step so fast, though. So, how did Ben handle the conversation?


What Their Ideal Family Looks Like

When you’re dating someone, it’s only natural to want to know whether they’re interested in having children in the future. It’s one of the biggest deal-breakers for many couples, and with good reason.

Fortunately, Ben and Eliza seemed to be on a similar page when it came to trying to start a family! Neither of them seemed to be overly concerned about a slight difference in the specifics of their ideal family dream.


Taking Things to the Next Level

From their barista-customer dynamic to dating might’ve taken them a bit of time, but once they crossed over that threshold, it was love at first sight.

Despite being twelve years older than Eliza, Ben was not afraid to talk about the future. They openly discussed starting a family after just a month together. Eliza confessed that she always dreamed of having a whole family, while Ben enjoyed the idea of having two children. The actual family they would end up having would be beyond their wildest dreams.


Relationship Tests

Weeks turned into months and months into weeks. Even though things were going well for the puppy love couple, their relationship was about to face a new test by the end of three months.

The two lovebirds accomplished one big step in their relationship – talking about their life plans and their commitment. Taking care of and handling your partner when they get sick is another big test for a relationship that is often overlooked.


For the First Time, She Felt Vulnerable & Weak

Becoming sick is never fun, no matter if it’s food poisoning from date night or the harsh winter flu. A new relationship can be even more stressful if one is ill. For the first time in your life, you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position in front of someone you admire and would like to impress. It can also add extra pressure to the caretaker if they are new to the flame.

In the middle of their passionate and fiery relationship, Eliza fell ill, forcing them to confront a brand-new challenge.


"I Feel Like I'm Hungover"

For quite some time, Elizabeth had been feeling drunk in love. However, after three months of dating, she started feeling very sick. “I was feeling really run down. The feeling was like I was hungover.” Yet, Eliza had not drank any alcohol.

When that happens, what could it be? Was there anything that caused her to feel so nauseous and weak without being provoked by anything? It wasn’t until later that she realized what had happened to her. She disclosed that she had taken a pregnancy test.


Are They Ready?

Throughout Eliza’s mind, a million questions and emotions were swirling. If she happens to be pregnant, what will she do? Will she let Ben know? Will they be prepared? Was she even prepared for this kind of situation?

Both of them had already expressed their desire to start a family, but talking talk is not always the same as walking the walk. Either way, she knew that she shouldn’t get too carried away without knowing the results first.


Getting the Test Results

In the short time between a pregnancy test and its results, it can sometimes seem as if forever has passed. Once the results were in, it was time to discover whether Eliza was really sick with something, or experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

“I was so excited when it came back positive,” Eliza expressed. She had dreamed of being a mother her whole life. It was her boyfriend’s child and she was in her mid-20s. The new soon-to-be mother was delighted, but what about Ben?


Telling Ben the News

There’s no doubt that revealing big news like this to someone you care about, no matter how long you’ve known them, can be nerve-wracking. Ben couldn’t wait to hear Eliza’s news, as she felt so confident about everything.

“When Ben heard the news, he embraced me.” Despite starting earlier than planned, Eliza and her family were elated. The puppy love couple, however, were just getting started with their surprises.


What's Next in Nine Months?

Even though it was nothing like how they had envisioned starting a family together, it was all the more special for that reason.

In the nine months that followed, the happy couple prepared for a brand-new home together. The dynamic duo couldn’t be happier about how everything came together, from shopping for baby clothes to booking all the necessary check-ups and appointments. The more time passed, the more in love they became, and the more excited they became about their little bun in the oven.


Congratulations on the Birth of Baby Charlie!

Eliza’s water broke on the big day! As soon as the couple found out they were expecting a baby, they rushed to the hospital. Eliza and Ben welcomed their beautiful baby daughter, Charlie, to the family in January 2016 after a C-section.

The blonde curly hair and her big pink lips reminded Eliza of her sister, Suzannah. After flirting over coffee at a coffee shop for a year, the couple became loving parents. Their love for their baby grew faster than their relationship, and they couldn’t keep it in!


Transitioning Smoothly

Ben and Eliza’s transition from soon-to-be parents to first-time parents went quite smoothly. “After two weeks, our little girl began to sleep really well,” Eliza shared in a lighthearted way. How fortunate!

There is no doubt that this proud mom was embracing motherhood wholeheartedly. The experience of having such a sweet daughter inspired her, and she felt ready to return to school. However, life had more surprises in store for the happy couple in the coming days.


Prepared Mentally for Anything

Their dating relationship was still in its early stages when they first found out they were pregnant, but it’s safe to say that the following months truly cemented their love. Elizabeth and Ben felt like kings and queens and were ready for anything. Within six weeks of Charlie’s birth, Eliza returned to university to better her life for herself.

However, just because Eliza was mentally prepared to pursue a degree did not mean that she was physically prepared.


Immediately Feeling Ill

Every parent worries about life after birth before welcoming their child into the world. Despite her strong desire to become a mother, Eliza still had some natural concerns. But after a couple of weeks, Eliza realized that parenting wasn’t as hard as she had thought.

Thus, she began taking classes again as soon as she felt ready. Eliza revealed, “I’ve felt lethargic again, and I suffer frequent headaches.”


Getting a Little Stressed

Eliza contacted Ben as soon as she started feeling unwell. Did something happen to her? It’s been a month and a half since she last felt weak, so what could be causing this?

“I’m sure you’ve just taken on too much too soon,” Ben suggested to Eliza. Ben’s rationale made sense to Eliza, but she knew it was something much bigger than a bit of extra stress.


Something Else Is Going On

Stress is one of the chief causes of many ailments, but Eliza had a feeling that her lethargic symptoms and headaches were something else going on. Eliza told Ben, “I think I may be pregnant,” she confessed.

Ben had set his mind on it being stress, but Eliza felt that she was pregnant and that was the only logical explanation. It didn’t matter who was right, either way, there was a very quick way to determine if Eliza had been blessed with another miracle of life or if she was actually sick.


Taking a Second Test

A month and a half after giving birth, Eliza began to feel ill. Could Eliza have gotten pregnant right away?

Just like last year, she took a pregnancy test and awaited the results. When you wait for the results of a pregnancy test, no matter how many times you take it, it can always be some of the longest minutes of your life. Eliza was even more puzzled since she couldn’t comprehend how she was pregnant again so soon.


Results of the Second Round

The pregnancy test came back with two pink lines in the result window, meaning the woman was in fact pregnant!

Eliza and Ben were just as excited as they had been the first time around. They both knew they could overcome anything together, even though they already had a newborn at home. But it was what happened at the very first ultrasound that was even more shocking than the test results.


The Second Round of Ultra-Sounds

Eliza immediately called the doctor once she received the results of the at-home pregnancy test and scheduled an appointment for later that afternoon. The couple arrived at the office and were taken to the examination room for their second ultrasound experience.

As the wand glided across Eliza’s stomach, the doctor commented something that made her laugh aloud. “Ben had been lovingly cradling Charlie in his arms, but now his face was as white as a ghost,” Eliza recalled. What news could the doctor possibly have for the young parents?


Never-Before-Heard News

It is important for all parents to keep up-to-date on their doctor appointments because they want their babies to be safe and healthy after birth. It seemed like only yesterday that Eliza and Charlie were having their routine check-ups during Eliza’s first pregnancy, but the doctor was about to reveal something that neither had ever heard before.

“I think there are two heartbeats. It’s too early to know for sure,” the obstetrician said. As much as Eliza wanted to have a bunch of little ones running around, even she herself didn’t believe the doctor. “‘I’m sure there’s a mistake,’” Eliza said.


One Little Bun or Double the Fun?

When they arrived next month, the obstetrician informed them that they would find out for sure if they could expect one bun in the oven or two. After the couple returned one month later, another ultrasound was performed.

As Eliza continued, “[the obstetrician] grinned, ‘There are definitely two.'” The question jumped to her mind, ‘How are we going to manage?’ Panic set in. Upon returning home, she searched Google for advice on how to deal with three babies under one. But nothing came up. What good is the wonderful power of Google if it can’t help with pressing parenting advice?


Asking Users on the Internet

It is now commonplace to use the Internet for practically everything in one’s life. Alas, Eliza could not find any help on Google.

Instead, she turned to the innovative people of the Internet whom became her primary source of assistance. “I decided to start my own blog, Twingenuity, in order to connect with other mothers who had given birth to multiples,” Eliza shared with excitement.


The Happy Couple's Gift from the Universe

In addition to expressing all her excitement and struggles, Elizabeth was able to connect with other mothers going through a similar situation.

Her family had come together so quickly that she was in shock. The couple had the big talk about starting a family together about a year prior, indicating that even if they weren’t ready right then and there, it was clearly on their minds. Thus, it seemed as if the universe had somehow, someway provided them with exactly what they wanted.


Three Babies, Two Pregnancies, One Year

Not one but two identical baby boys were welcomed into the world ten months after the happy couple first became parents. In a year, Ben and Eliza went through two pregnancies, and they now have three beautiful children of their own. Incredible!

In light-hearted conversation with her family and friends before giving birth to her first child, Eliza joked, “I feel like I’ve been pregnant for years!”. She joked, “It’s like we’ve got triplets now, with Charlie, Jack, and Wolfe.” How were they going to handle their 3 babies?


Putting the Dynamic Duo to the Test

It’s never easy raising kids. Perhaps the most difficult year is the first. As long as they could make it through that first year, they thought they would have no problems. Despite having three babies under the age of one at home, they proved to be a phenomenal team of parents!

Luckily, Ben was extremely supportive and took care of all chores during Eliza’s pregnancy. Their first year of parenting was spent changing diapers and feeding the babies alternately. What a touching story!


Bringing Up The Little Duckies

When they started walking and talking, they immediately became friends. My babies have grown so much in almost three years, and each has their own unique personality,” Eliza eagerly expressed.

Getting to know their adorable little babies is the highlight of Eliza and Ben’s days as parents. In addition to loving their wonderful parents, Charlie, Jack, and Wolfe also love each other a lot! “The fact that they follow me everywhere I go makes me feel like a mother duck,” Eliza continued. How adorable! Her dreams were almost all fulfilled, but the couple still had one last thing in mind.


Finding a Way to Love

There were a lot of cute little cuties running around in Elizabeth and Ben’s home! In spite of the fact that they were doing a great job of parenting, Eliza and Ben still wanted to do one more thing to make their family even closer. Their adorable little duckies couldn’t wait to witness the wedding of the heart-warming and inspiring couple!

“Having our kids at the wedding was so special to me when Ben and I tied the knot last year,” Eliza said with emotion. It may not be possible to know how your dreams will come true, but if they’re meant to be, life will guide you to finding them in the most unexpected and amazing ways.


How Do the Three of Them Work Together?

After the five family members had become one big happy family, how did the little children all get along with each other?

“The first year was the most difficult.” Eliza revealed that once the two began walking and talking, they became the best of friends. Adding to this, she explained that the eldest child is quite the “Chatty Kathy,” or should we say Chatty Charlie! In addition to being a clumsy and affectionate little “mama’s boy,” Wolfe is also known as a “cheeky troublemaker”.


A Daughter and Her Father's Relationship

The way everything turned out and her wonderful and adorable little duckies have made Eliza feel so happy and blessed. Of course, it all started with her devoted partner, Ben, with whom she’s more in love than ever.

She posted a beautiful picture of Charlie and Ben on Instagram last year with the caption: “So important is the relationship between a girl and her Dadda.” Even though he may not realize it, he shapes the way she views men, how she understands love, and how to be loved. Her life will be shaped by the relationship that develops.


A Village Makes a Difference

Does it really take a village to raise children? Despite being a fantastic dynamic duo and dream team, it’s safe to say that Ben and Eliza are juggling three toddlers at once – and probably will be for the foreseeable future as well!

Therefore, Granny and Gramps have been immensely appreciated whenever they have been able to help. Eliza posted this adorable picture earlier this summer with the caption: “How ‘cool cat’ are these grandparents!” How precious!


A Big VW Van Named Big Mamma

The family went from two to three to five in a matter of months, which meant they had to upgrade and change quite a bit of things in their everyday life. Each baby requires different equipment, such as high chairs, cots, baby carriers, and more. A brand-new car was one of the family’s biggest buys to accommodate their large and loving family of five!

However, this is no ordinary car. Eliza told that she used to drive a Swift, but three baby capsules wouldn’t fit in most five-seaters, so she went car shopping and now drives a VW van – a big mamma van.


"I Love My Body"

It is definitely rewarding to be a parent, but it isn’t always so easy. Initially, Eliza had a hard time keeping a balanced diet. As she mostly survived on quick meals like toast with vegemite and pasta, she realized that she needed to take care of herself as well as her family.

Though she posted an empowering photo and caption on her Instagram, she said she is proud of what her body has done for her. After all, famous women post ‘look at my body just three weeks after giving birth’ and portray unrealistic images of life as a mother. “Because I feel beautiful in my own skin—even if there’s alotttt of it! … Because I can. Because you should also be proud. This is me … because I love my body,” Eliza wrote.


Spreading the Love

This story about Elizabeth and Ben has gone viral and touched a lot of hearts. Along with their inspiring story, Eliza’s blog, interviews with magazines, podcasts, and articles have all helped other parents who are in a similar situation.

Eliza felt it was her life’s calling to share her knowledge about everything from buying baby products to handling multiple babies at once. We all can appreciate Eliza and Ben’s willingness to share their story and help other parents along the way.