Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Notes That Will Leave You Laughing

1. Park Between the Lines, Please!

The audacity of some drivers taking up multiple parking spaces will make anyone get fed up sooner or later. And while having a public altercation with the person is not a good idea, maybe having a little fun with it by getting the message across will work instead.

The picture above is a good idea for getting the message across. A little sarcasm never hurt anyone. This is a rather amusing way to call out the terrible parking job without getting into a physical or verbal conflict.

2. The Absolute Gall of the Last Sticky Note

It’s one thing to leave rightfully snarky notes when someone takes your food. It’s another thing to have the absolute gall to have an entitled response, as with this case.

These co-workers have apparently gotten their lunches stolen. Yet, the entitled thief ignores this and requests a wider variety of food choices. What bravery.


3. Luckily the Customer Wasn't More Irate

Talk about bad service. Some customers would have a hissy fit if they waited for 10 minutes. This probably has happened to all of us at one point or another. Sometimes restaurants are packed or are short staffed the day we visit and we find ourselves waiting seemingly forever for some food.

In this case, this lady left a clear message to her disappointment. Thanks to a higher power, it was no real disaster, just a mess to clean. Perhaps the ketchup writer took things too far, but we all can act a bit rash when we’re hangry.


4. The Late, Honorable CEO Jobs Would Agree

Businesses more than ever need to preserve their materials if they want to lower costs and find success. Even the icon CEO Steve Jobs, would agree.

It would be a travesty if we didn’t have Apple just because too much expense went elsewhere! As a higher up instructs the employees to not print large jobs, an anonymous source thought they were quite the comedian by printing a large picture of Steve Jobs.


5. There's Only One Dave Here!

Is it a compliment for someone to wish they were you? That is to be called the same name. Of course, it’s not so funny if someone keeps taking your drinks. Nevertheless, the other so-called second Dave finds it funny.

We suppose the real Dave should have been more specific. Did he know that a second Dave existed? As you can see, leaving your favorite drinks and snacks in a shared office fridge can get rather aggravating when others often help themselves to what’s in stock.


6. Yes, Just Add More Sarcasm to it!

All the joy of sarcasm- well, it’s a joy to the one doing it anyway. The person who wrote this note must really have had enough of this in the office. Or simply enjoys pestering his co-workers.

And yet, as you can see, one of the perpetrators just had fun with the note. Could they just give their co-workers a break? We wonder if the sarcastic culprit ever allowed that number to be more than zero. We doubt it.


7. Maybe They’re Practicing Telekinesis for Dishwashing

Being a roommate does have its advantages. You split the bill with your other roommate(s), and you’ll probably gain a close friendship at least with one of them.

However, when it comes to a roommate not pulling his or her weight, things can get rocky. But wait- maybe giving them the benefit of the doubt will help smooth things over. Maybe this roommate is working on his or her telekinesis skills to wash dishes for themselves. You’ll never know unless you confront the issue head-on.


8. Someone is Fed Up with Debbie!

If you’re going to have a roommate, it is imperative to be a good roommate in return. With this picture below, either Debbie is stealing the food and not pulling her weight with grocery shopping, or the other roommate is just being mean and petty. So, which one is it- enquiring minds want to know?

The answer to this question is that Debbie is stealing food from her roommate. Debbie now has to make the choice to either stop stealing her roommate’s food or just move out. Finding passive-aggressive notes directed at you is never a good sign.


9. This is Serious Business Here!

Being a Fortune-500 company, it appears these employees are taking their job a little too seriously yet in a funny way. I guess their bosses have them on eggshells making sure their company remains one of the Fortune-500 companies.

Perhaps the company needs to relax a little on these employees. One forgot to ensure the font was appropriate, and the other one probably got so mad that he or she opened the door, forgetting to close it.


10. Names Used Instead of the Actual Name of the Food

Just when you think you saw it all with co-workers stealing other workers’ food, this takes the cake. This may also give some people who steal their co-workers’ food some ideas on how to hilariously respond to angered co-workers.

This situation can make some wonder what food will correspond to which name. Will someone’s spaghetti be called Janet?


11. The Gentle Sound of Ave Maria

Programmers must have a keen focus while doing their jobs. Thus, they don’t need to be bothered by any noise. Sometimes when you’re in “the zone,” the quietest sound can startle you.

With all that keen focus, stress and tension are also present. So, singing a soothing song, like “Ave Maria,” will help relieve tensions and gradually alert the programmers that a visitor is near. We just hope their co-workers can carry a tune.


12. The Irresistible Touch

This co-worker is really serious about someone touching the reindeer mug. Nevertheless, the co-workers responded gracefully and hilariously with photo evidence against themselves.

Hopefully, their co-worker lightheartedly laughed and relaxed after seeing their response. Many people don’t like when their possessions are misused, but these co-workers seem to be rather playful instead of rude.


13. A Funny Reply to Something Ridiculous

Just about anyone would wonder why a person would put a date on canned foods like this sticky note below states. Do they want to know the exact day the canned food was placed in the fridge or the expiration date of the item?

Either way, the note in green writing is a rather amusing response. We hope the rest of their co-workers laughed as much at this as we did. Being “friend-zoned” is never easy.


14. The Creepy Van Nearby

Some people may say that the neighbor writing this note may be watching too much of the ID channel. On the other hand, this neighbor may have a point. These types of vans are used a lot for criminal behavior.

While this passive-aggressive note is cause for a slight chuckle, it is also a slight cause of concern. The response to this note could range from retaliation to just ignoring it. Otherwise, if we were this neighbor writing this note, we would make sure to always watch our back.


15. All This Energy Instead of Just Throwing It Away

Come on now! All this energy to build a house for the tissue roll is a lot more than just tossing the roll into the trash. Yet, he decided to use three times that energy to build a house for the tissue roll in response to a passive-aggressive note.

Should the wife even respond to her husband after this? I guess the only thing she can do is shake her head and laugh a little.


16. Enough is Enough for this Roommate!

As with any relationship, there will be some tension and conflicts, and relationships with roommates are no different. These conflicts are usually resolved. However, this picture below really speaks volumes.

This roommate was fed up with her roommate not washing dishes. Setting boundaries is needed sometimes in relationships, and she was not going to let her take advantage of her anymore. She did not do it by a confrontation but by delivering her thoughts on sticky notes. Do you think the roommate got the message?


17. Hair We Go Again

For everyone out there living in a household with long-haired people, you know how easy it is for the shower drain to get clogged with hair. No one may want to clean out the disgusting drain, but at some point it becomes a necessary task.

Here we see that whoever was stuck with this dreadful duty was not all that happy about it. It seems as though a fight or conflict of some sort had been going on for quite some time about who should unclog the drain. The unfortunate soul who did, made it known of their efforts by leaving a unique message on the wall.


18. Well, They Did Follow the Instructions

Wordplay can be fun and hilarious sometimes. Take, for instance, the picture below. The author of this note didn’t use the proper context for what he or she meant to say. And so, co-workers followed suit. They did “check” after they flushed the toilet except for one person- yuck!

Other than that, hopefully the author found this humorous and even chuckled at the results. This author now knows that she or he has to “check” themselves when typing notes.


19. In Case You Forget, Your Mom Doesn't Live Here

Whoever made this note had to be enraged. This note is literally red hot! It seems as though they were tired of dirty dishes constantly being left behind with the expectation that someone else will clean up the mess.

Luckily, it seems like this note worked because this sink is totally empty and squeaky clean. Maybe this person can now lighten up. This may be the only passive-aggressive note that worked so far!


20. This is Alarming!

Emergency exits have big red, illuminating signs above them. Even inebriated or almost blind individuals can see this sign, and they will know the door has an alarm. So, when someone made this creative notice shown below, it is understandable why some will wonder what made the emergency door so alarmed.

Many people who may wonder about this most likely went on their day and thought nothing else about it. However, one person decided to have fun with hilarious wordplay, stating that he or she was also alarmed. Why not have fun with this response using wordplay?


21. So Much for Getting Rid of Old Ketchup Smells

A workplace is supposed to be a pleasant and safe atmosphere where co-workers can work and get the job done. So, it is understandable why this notice below was put up if trash was left around, which could cause odors and draw rodents. There shouldn’t be any reason to have a sassy response to this note.

Nevertheless, there is always a smart aleck somewhere. As seen above, someone wrote “sorry” in ketchup in response to the author. Now, was it necessary to respond in ketchup? It’s no telling how long it will take to get rid of that old ketchup smell now, especially if the response was not seen and removed over the weekend.


22. The Desperate Urge to Use the Microwave

Work wouldn’t ever be a bore if it wasn’t for someone who just had to try something he or she was told not to do. It was just a typical day at work, but apparently, something was wrong with the microwave which prompted a co-worker to put up a notice forbidding people not to use it.

As you can see above, some co-workers had some sarcastic responses. And with that response, another response was posted showing the dangerous possibility if they used that defective microwave. I hope they took heed! Although, perhaps they should just consider getting rid of the microwave to avoid any temptation and explosions.


23. Yes, Non Singers need to "Let it Go"

It’s one thing to hear songs from Frozen in that movie or possibly from co-workers who can actually sing. It’s another thing to hear Fred from accounting trying to belt it out.

As co-workers are trying to concentrate on their work, they don’t need their ears hurting from the awful sounds of someone trying to match Idina Menzel’s voice. So, you can imagine how glorious the author of this note felt having five days of freedom from hearing off-key covers.


24. Maybe Drawing a Picture Will Work!

Sometimes, being passive-aggressive is necessary, and this picture is one good example as to why being this way is sometimes needed. We mean, it’s either that or letting out the rage about something as bad as this or worse.

Unless the person(s) are very young children, they know or should know not to flush hand towels down the toilet. Besides that, if perhaps, they didn’t know, they most likely saw the effect of flushing hand towels or were warned a few times about it. This note however dumbs everything down to make it crystal clear that hand towels should not be flushed.


25. Well, Both Authors Do Have Some Points

While the first author was right to send this note about such inconsiderate and annoying behavior, Carolyn made some great points as well. However, it probably wasn’t the right time for Carolyn to prove her points.

In co-existing, whether at work or at your residence, you all have to be considerate to one another. Nevertheless, Carolyn probably should’ve waited until the tension meddled down. Otherwise, hopefully, they can all laugh it off and move forward with respecting one another’s boundaries.


26. Poor Brian, Mistaken as an Appliance

In this family, Brian apparently had to put this notice up due to his family just taking him for granted. They just keep leaving the dishwashing responsibilities onto him.

While this note will make a person, even his family, smile and have a little chuckle, it is also somewhat sad. Hopefully, his family will show him more appreciation now and take on the responsibility of dishwashing.


27. The Face-off Between Two Passive-Aggressive People Over Coffee

The following picture is a good example of when two passive-aggressive people encounter one another. And the warring debate began about the perfect cup of coffee.

It looked like these two people had some spare time on their hands, and this back and forth is quite entertaining for onlookers. Then, in the end, one of them had to bring God in it. Well, at least, there was no response after that due to the apparent reverence the other person had or perhaps due to the fact there was no more room.


28. Giving Your Neighbor Crap and Rightfully So!

Poor neighbor, he or she had put up with a very rude and inconsiderate neighbor allowing the dog to defecate on the neighbor’s lawn and leaving it there. The gall of this neighbor is more than baffling.

So, instead of going off on her, this person gave a profound message as shown in the picture. The other neighbors had a great laugh at this notice, but the guilty party was surely embarrassed as she should be. And as a result, this neighbor didn’t allow her dog to do this “crap” again.


29. Can Anyone Be Sure It Won't Cause Brain Damage?

With a sarcastic sign as seen below, it was only a matter of time for someone to have a sarcastic reply. A person may be frustrated about others not changing the tissue roll, but you have to admit this person was asking for it in the way she presented the notice.

The response is hilarious. Also, the fact that it is written on toilet paper makes it even more comical. Sometimes putting up passive-aggressive signs just encourages sarcastic responses.


30. No Spoilers Please!

Games of Thrones (GOT) was one of the most popular drama series during its first few seasons. People from all over couldn’t wait to see and talk about the latest episodes. If a fan of a show didn’t get to see the latest episode, of course, they didn’t want anyone to discuss it and spoil it for them.

One smart co-worker cleverly created this sign, so that no one would spoil the latest episode of Game of Thrones. At least, she was respectful in the note, and other fans can understand not wanting to hear about an episode that they haven’t seen yet.


31. A Rich Experience You Don't Want to Encounter

This is a nifty, passive-aggressive way to get your point across. It surely will get people’s attention, which will steer them away from that experience.

The play on words is hysterical with the toilet being broken but rich in experience that no one wants to see or get involved with. Onlookers also have gotten some laughs as they bypass this bathroom stall.


32. There's a Possible War Brewing Between Neighbors!

When it comes to harsh sarcasm, it may be a good idea not to do it to a neighbor that lives really close to you. You probably can get away with a deserving neighbor down the street from you. That way, he or she won’t know exactly which neighbor wrote the snidey note. However, this neighbor will know exactly who wrote this, especially since you park next to one another.

Well, the onlooking neighbors had better grab their popcorn and watch the show. There’s no telling how their chilly encounters will be.


33. Don’t Let Anything Out

This sweet old lady put up this notice so that her family would know not to let Rusty out. However, her husband, Jay, and their son-in-law decided to have a little fun with the note. The next day, she noticed her neat note was now messed up with Jay telling people not to let the A/C air out. Then the son-in-law wrote not to let Jay get out either.

All that lady wants to do is to keep Rusty safe. So, why are they messing with her? Other people who come there may get confused about who or what they’re trying to keep in.


34. The Secure Way to Stop the Stealing

This will show the one(s) who keeps stealing someone’s food. But, was it really necessary to go this far to keep people from stealing your treats? Not only that, it’s just an unsanitary practice to have, especially around other people, sharing this eating area. The supervisor and HR are going to have some drama about this situation. That’s probably why the person didn’t put their name on this gross concoction.

On the other hand, it will make those food thieves think twice about taking their co-workers’ food again. Hopefully, it was just a scare tactic, and the person really didn’t spit in the food.


35. Perhaps Just Organizing the Spoons Would Help

It’s understandable that someone wants to ensure the work area, especially where people eat, is sanitary. And even though people in these areas are not little children, some of them have to be reminded not to put their hands in places, like this spoon drawer.

Someone was thoughtful enough to put a scoop, and inform people to use that instead of putting their hands in the drawer, but maybe putting all the spoons in one direction would work better. Some people will still put their nasty hands in the drawer, and they’ll need to anyway to grab the scoop. However, if all the spoons were in one direction, they could ensure only the ends of the handles were touched.


36. He Made Good on This Challenge

As mentioned before, any relationship has conflicts sometimes. However, these four young men just knew that there wouldn’t be any problems being roommates because they had been friends since they were in middle school. Once they began living together, they realized this was a whole new ballgame. Even though they knew each other well, they didn’t realize how different it is when living together.

Shortly after they became roommates, Chad wasn’t considerate about fridge space as he took up most of it with a huge milk container. However, instead of having an all-out argument, one of the roommates decided to give him a hint in a sarcastic way. And yet, Chad did live up to the sarcastic challenge by bringing in the cow.. But, with all jokes aside, hopefully they can co-exist as roommates or at least maintain their relationship.


37. Why Peanut Butter, Though?

Wow, this is an extremely unique way of showing someone that they are upset! The story behind this is that a fellow tenant in an apartment building had a guest who owned this car which was preventing a neighbor from backing out. The neighbor became so annoyed and frustrated, she decided to use her peanut butter to deliver the message as seen below on the car’s windshield.

She does have a point that spreading peanut butter on the car is much cheaper than getting the car towed. This random act is quite comical to onlookers, but could get her into some trouble. She could get arrested for vandalism, there could’ve been physical altercations, and/or she could’ve been sued for the damage this could cause to the windshield.


38. His Own Spin on the Cake

There is always a different type of person among the group, and the picture below is a good example of that. While everyone was enjoying the cake, drinks, and whatever else at the office party, this one person decided to get his share differently by taking that big chuck in the middle.

His sassy note gave more insight about this co-worker. On the other hand, he was at least thoughtful enough to wait until others had gotten their slice of cake.


39. Salty Much?!

Well, this employee must’ve been a valuable player in the job he’s leaving. Seems as though management and his friends are a bit salty about their co-worker leaving them. So, in this respect, it could be touching in an eerie type of way.

And with this eerie feeling, he may also be thanking his lucky stars that he is leaving. If I was him though, I would wait to see if anyone would eat the cake first before starting to eat it. That message and the black color of the cake are a sketchy combination.


40. A Clever New Art Display

Here we have another angered roommate upset about milk in the fridge. This time, the milk is spoiled which truly is cause for frustration as rancid milk quickly becomes disgusting and very odorous. However, instead of throwing the milk away, the roommate decides to make a spectacle of the situation.

This roommate got creative with their notes by turning the spoiled milk into a creative art exhibit. They included the title of the project, the price of it, and the format and contents of the milk on display. We love the creativity here, but really, someone should probably just throw this out as soon as possible.