How An Old Photo Confirmed A Mother’s Suspicions About Her Future Son-In-Law


Like many young couples, Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt first crossed paths while attending university. They started as friends, but it wouldn’t take long before their friendship blossomed into romance. Shortly after graduating, Heidi and Ed moved in together.

Not long after, Heidi and Ed arranged to have their families meet. To the couple’s relief, everyone seemed to get along quite well. Little did they know, however, that this encounter would lead to Heidi’s mother discovering an old photo that would forever change how Heidi and Ed viewed their relationship. What was in the photo that rocked everyone to their core? Keep reading to find out!

Getting Ready for College

Heidi Parker was a promising young woman with a bright future ahead of her. After completing her secondary education, Heidi enrolled at Newcastle University in North East England, 130 miles away from her hometown.

For Heidi, the renowned research university seemed like a perfect fit a place where she could learn from some of the best and brightest minds. Heidi did not know it yet at the time, but her decision to enroll in this university would turn out to be a fortunate one.


University Life

Heidi, like many young students fresh out of secondary school, was eager to immerse herself in university life. While she did not get to stay in an on-campus dorm as she had hoped, she did manage to find a shared apartment not too far from campus.

While Heidi and her roommates were initially thrilled about the idea of living together, Heidi would eventually come to realize that her living arrangement was less than ideal. Unhappy with her situation, Heidi began looking for a new place to stay.


Heidi’s New Apartment

After a weeks-long search, Heidi found a studio apartment that was closer to campus. After securing the apartment, Heidi started packing. Once her lease was up, Heidi handed over her keys to the new tenants, walked out the door, and never looked back.

Heidi didn’t think she would ever return to the place she called home for a few months. As it turned out, however, Heidi would find herself setting foot in her old apartment just days later, under circumstances that she never would have anticipated.


A Strange Message

Not long after moving into her new apartment, Heidi received a strange Facebook message from a guy named Ed. Ed introduced himself as the new tenant at Heidi’s old apartment. He then told Heidi that he couldn’t get the washing machine to work, and he was at his wit’s end.

Ed had learned Heidi’s name after a bit of research and decided to try and message her on Facebook. Heidi initially tried to explain how the washing machine worked via text but eventually decided it would be better to show Ed in person. She would later reveal that she had a hidden agenda when she told Ed that she was coming over.


Meeting Ed Savitt

Heidi admitted that she returned to her old apartment to help Ed out because she found him “hot.”  Upon arriving at her old apartment, Heidi was immediately smitten by Ed. He looked just as good in person as he did on his Facebook profile photo! After exchanging a few pleasantries, Heidi proceeded to demonstrate how the washing machine worked.

Ed was embarrassed about having to ask for help figuring out how to operate a washing machine, but he was glad he had swallowed his pride and messaged Heidi. Just as Heidi was getting ready to leave, Ed plucked up the courage to ask her a question.


First Date

Ed asked Heidi if she would like to grab a coffee with him. To his relief, Heidi agreed. Heidi, meanwhile, couldn’t believe her luck. Her visit to her old apartment was going much better than she had expected!

Heidi and Ed decided to head to a nearby cafe. According to Heidi, all she could think about the whole time was how attractive Ed was. As the two talked over coffee, however, she realized that Ed was more than just a pretty face.


The Start of a Relationship

Heidi and Ed’s coffee date turned out to be a success, and they ended up going on many more dates after that. The more time they spent together, the stronger their bond became. They also discovered that they shared a lot of similarities. For one, they both went to the same university, and they both had big ambitions.

As they learned more about each other, the more infatuated they became. You’d think that after all the time they’d spent together, they’d know everything there is to know about each other. However, this wasn’t the case.


A Future Together

Before they knew it, Heidi and Ed’s time at Newcastle University was over. After graduating, the pair moved to London but lived separately, as they didn’t want to rush things too much. Heidi landed a fast-paced PR job, while Ed pursued his goal of opening a coffee shop.

After some time, Heidi and Ed decided to take the next step in their relationship and moved in together. Then they figured it was time to get to know each other’s families. They were both excited about the idea, but neither Heidi nor Ed knew the incredible discovery that was to come.


A Good Start

Heidi and Ed were so committed to one another by this point that hardly anything terrified them. Still, the prospect of their families meeting each other was nerve-wracking! The couple pulled all the stops to ensure that everything would be perfect. Once they were ready, they invited their mothers to dinner at a restaurant.

Fortunately, things seemed to go without a hitch. Heidi’s mother, Kay, and Ed’s mother, Fiona, got along really well. They swapped stories and shared some laughs throughout the evening.


Similar Hobbies and Interests

As the evening progressed, both mothers began to realize how much their families had in common. Indeed, both families shared many similar hobbies and interests. Both the Parkers and Savitts loved sailing and traveling, and had even visited many of the same places in the Mediterranean around the same time.

Both Kay and Fiona merely laughed this off as a strange coincidence, but Kay couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Something was bothering her, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Before she could even fully process her thoughts, however, Heidi and Ed told their mothers that they had something important to say.


An Important Announcement

Even though their mothers were getting along quite well, Heidi and Ed still had to shake off their feelings of anxiety. As it turns out, this special evening wasn’t just about meeting each other’s families. It was also about sharing some good news: Heidi and Ed were engaged!

Kay and Fiona were initially shocked by the announcement, but their shock quickly turned to excitement. There was no doubt in their minds that Heidi and Ed were a perfect match. However, this revelation would soon be overshadowed by an even more surprising one.


A Strange Feeling

After announcing their engagement, the couple told their mothers about their plan to get married by the end of the year. They also shared details of their engagement, which left everyone at the table grinning from ear to ear.

Kay, however, still couldn’t shake off the uneasiness she felt earlier in the evening. There was something about her daughter’s fiancé and his family that bothered her. Kay resolved to look into this further later that night. Still, it would take a few more weeks before she would make the shocking discovery that would leave everyone dumbfounded.


Getting Ready for the Wedding

Anyone who’s ever helped plan a wedding will surely know how stressful it can be. Kay, Heidi’s mother, was heavily involved in the wedding planning process. As part of the preparations, Kay had to do some cleaning at her house to make room for all the wedding supplies that would be stored there.

Despite her hectic schedule, Kay couldn’t stop thinking of what had been discussed over dinner weeks earlier. She had been hoping that she would find something that would either confirm or deny her suspicions about Ed and his family. Little did Kay know that she would soon find what she had been hoping for.


A Discovery in the Attic

With wedding preparations in full swing, Kay kept herself busy. Still, she couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling at the back of her mind. Then, while cleaning out her attic one day, Kay found what she had been looking for.

Hidden inside a box was an old photo album. Kay flipped through its dusty pages, hoping to find some answers. It didn’t take long before she got to the pages that contained photos taken during a memorable family trip to Turkey, one that she had talked about at the dinner table a few weeks earlier.


Heidi's First Love

Heidi was just six years old when the Parker family spent several weeks traveling to various locations around the Mediterranean, including Turkey’s southern coast. It was here that Heidi befriended a young, blond English boy who was around her age.

While in Turkey, Heidi and the young boy were inseparable. They even held hands a lot. Kay recalled seeing her daughter blush as she shared this story with Fiona and Ed. Kay quickly dropped the subject, not wanting to humiliate her daughter even further.


The Blond Boy

When Kay finally found the young boy’s photo, her jaw dropped. The child in the photo looked exactly how Kay remembered him – with his blond bowl haircut and his bashful smile – and how happy he looked standing so close to her daughter, as he had done practically throughout their entire stay in Turkey.

Kay couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She carefully examined the boy’s face, eyes, and jawline. Kay sat in silence as she came to realize that her suspicions may have been right all along. Kay wanted to be sure before telling her daughter what she had discovered, and she knew exactly what to do to find out.


A Mere Coincidence?

Kay was well aware that her daughter would be of little help at this time. Heidi was only six years old at the time, so her memory would be hazy at best. She also wouldn’t be able to tell for sure as she hadn’t witnessed the boy grow up.

More memories came pouring in the longer Kay stared at the photo. Suddenly, Kay remembered what the young blond boy’s name was: it was Ed! Was this just a mere coincidence, or was this indeed the same Ed who would be marrying her daughter? Doubts were starting to creep in, but Kay knew that she needed to find out. Fortunately, she knew exactly who to ask.


Confirming Her Suspicions

Kay needed to get to the bottom of this, so she picked up her phone, snapped a picture of an old photo of Heidi and Ed together, and sent it to her new friend Fiona. If the boy in the photo was indeed Ed Savitt, Fiona would surely recognize him.

Kay’s phone rang almost immediately. Fiona confirmed that the boy in the photo was indeed her son. Both Kay and Fiona could barely contain their excitement! At long last, Kay’s suspicions were confirmed.


“Just Unreal”

Fiona was just as shocked by this revelation as Kay was. As soon as she saw the photo, she shrieked. Suddenly, all the memories of that trip to Turkey came flooding in. Fiona could barely contain herself!

Kay would later describe the feeling of finding out the boy’s identity as “just unreal.” As Kay and Fiona recalled the trip together, more and more details fell into place. Kay and Fiona were ecstatic, and they just couldn’t wait to tell Heidi and Ed.


Heidi and Ed’s Reaction

As soon as she ended her call with Fiona, Kay sent her daughter the photo and gave her a call. Heidi later recalled that she was so stunned by the photo that she needed to lie down. It was unbelievable!

Unsurprisingly, Ed was just as shocked as his fiancé was. Neither Heidi nor Ed could recall meeting each other in Turkey, or that they had started a romance with someone at the age of six. The evidence, however, was right there in front of them.


More Photos Together

The more Kay and Fiona looked at photos from that trip, the more evidence they managed to discover. Fiona looked through her old albums and found photos of six-year-old Heidi. Fiona told the Daily Mail that none of them had any idea that Heidi and Ed had met before as kids.

When the Savitt family looked through their old photo albums, they found five more pictures of Heidi and Ed together. It didn’t take long before this revelation would spread to other members of the couple’s families. No one least of all Heidi and Ed could believe the news.


It Was Fate

Heidi was never really one who believed in fate, but it was undeniable that it was fate that brought her and Ed together after many years apart. To their friends and families, this was undoubtedly a sign that Heidi and Ed were truly meant for each other.

Kay believes that Heidi and Ed had a “subconscious realization” that they had previously spent time together as children when they met as adults. That certainly seemed to explain their instant connection.


The Wedding

The invitations that guests received in their mailboxes were accompanied by photos of Heidi and Ed together at six years old while on vacation in Turkey. Their story was simply too amazing not to share with everyone!

Heidi and Ed’s wedding, which took place at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire in the East Midlands of England, was witnessed by their friends and family. Some people may not believe in love at first sight, but it was undeniable that this was what Heidi and Ed experienced themselves.


A Special Bond

The trip to Turkey didn’t just bring Heidi and Ed together but their families as well. Heidi and Ed’s siblings also spent lots of time together during that trip. Both families’ photo albums contained several photos of the Parker and Savitt kids laughing and playing together.

Heidi and Ed’s marriage brought their families even closer together. They’ve even gone on several vacations together, including sailing trips to the Mediterranean. Word of Heidi and Ed’s unique history also spread to the media and soon, the young couple saw themselves on the front page of newspapers and magazines. Indeed, everyone loves a good love story!


A Story That’s Too Good To Be True

Though it has been several years since Heidi and Ed’s story first made headlines, people around the world continue to be captivated by their story. The couple still can’t believe it either. It’s crazy to think that if Kay hadn’t found that photo album in her attic, Heidi and Ed wouldn’t have known what they know now!

Indeed, Heidi and Ed’s love story is something truly extraordinary. Whether you believe it was coincidence or fate that brought them together, one thing is clear: some things are just meant to be!