Incredible Things Found Only in the City of Dubai


The City of Dubai has a variety of incredible destinations, inventions, and excursions for you to enjoy. Most people across the world desire to visit Dubai and experience the lifestyle here as it is a very popular tourist destination.

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates and is full of history, traditions, and culture. These are some of the most incredible things you can only find in Dubai.

Higher Architecture

Amongst the cities across the globe, Dubai is well known for its tallest buildings. The skyline of Dubai is incredible. The sky is lined with skyscraper after skyscraper, making for some magnificent views if you visit one of these building’s top floors.

If you think you have seen tall and beautiful buildings, then you need to visit Dubai. The towering skyscrapers are among the leading tourist attractions in the city. At times, you’ll feel as if you are above the sky.


Dubai Miracle Garden

Did you know Dubai is among the driest cities in the world? The mystery of the miracle garden in Dubai city will give you a different perspective. The Dubai Miracle Garden is the most substantial natural flower garden on the globe.

The Miracle Garden has more than 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. In addition, it offers you beautiful scenery and a world of floral wonder. The Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-see destination and one of the only of its kind in the world.


There Are Artificially Created Islands

Dubai has one of the most creative minds in the world. While flying on an airplane into Dubai, you can get a clear view of some of these manufactured islands from the sky.

The construction of these islands was not a cheap thing at all. Ninety-four million cubic meters of sand had to be moved from the desert and deep sea beds. In addition, there were 5.5 cubic meters of rock that had to also be moved from different areas. The Palm Islands in Dubai are among the most famous islands.


Playing Tennis 1000 feet above the ground

Dubai city has one of the highest tennis-playing grounds in the world. Imagine playing a match of tennis 1000 feet above the ground. The experience and view on this tennis court must be both incredible and a bit frightening.

This tennis court can be found at the top of the Burj-al-Arab hotel. The tennis ground hosted a friendly match between talented tennis players, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi in 2005. The Burj-al-Arab hotel stands in water on its own artificial island. You need to come and witness this magical court.


There are ATMs That Dispense Gold

Gold ATMs might sound unreal, but the fact is they exist in Dubai. Dubai has some super-rich people in the city. If you’re into walking around the city with gold in your bag, you may find it to be rather heavy and too precious to have out and about.

The gold ATMs have been placed all over the city for easy access. These gold ATMs spit out pure gold nuggets and coins. Emirates Palace Hotel in Dubai was the first to install a permanent gold vending machine in the world.


The Dancing Fountain in Dubai

At Burj Khalifa, some magnificent fountains have been constructed. These fountains dance to both local and international songs. The fountains were created to entertain the tourists who visit the regions. Burj Khalifa fountains cover more than 200 square meters in area.

The Dubai fountain mostly dances to tunes at night, creating a dazzling display of movement and lights in the water. If you visit this fountain, you are bound to be entertained. It’s a beautiful sight that should not be missed.


The Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall is one of the most magnificent buildings in the world. It is the largest shopping mall across the globe, covering over 5.4 million square feet.

The mall is incredible. There is an aquarium inside of it with so many exotic fish and over 300 ocean species in a zoo. The Dubai mall also has two amazing parks on the premises. If you come to Dubai, then this must be on your list to take a day and explore.


Penguins in Dubai City

You might be used to penguins living in the South Pole or maybe at your local zoo. For the most part, penguins live in areas with a cold climate to match South Pole temperatures. Dubai is a desert city; having penguins might sound unbelievable, but it’s the truth.

Dubai city has created a means for these penguins to survive in the region. Artificial snow and cold temperatures are the pillar for this significant milestone in the desert of Dubai.


There is Skiing Despite the Desert

Dubai city has a significant amount of land covered by the desert. However, the people of Dubai often seek out creative solutions. For example, in Dubai, people have created artificial snow for skiing. Snow in the desert might sound crazy, but this ski resort goes beyond one’s expectations.

You can visit Dubai city and enjoy skiing in natural snow. Snow skiing is among the best family and friends’ attraction sites in the city. So when you visit Dubai, make sure you experience this creativite wintery solution.


Stacked Turtles

People in Dubai love animals. There is a man who enjoys collecting and interacting with endangered species of animals. He is most known for collecting desert turtles all over.

The incredible thing is that once he collects and rescues the desert turtles, he piles them up. The tourist enjoys watching these turtles perfectly stacked on top of one another according to their size.


Robots Participate in Sports

Many people across the world enjoy camel racing. We bet you have heard of people riding and racing camels, but Dubai takes the sport to the next gear. The city has gone as far as to introduce robots to camel racing.

Robots racing on the camel must be quite interesting to watch. The owners are just relaxing safely in the stands watching the race unfold. These robots are super programmed for camel racing. How can a camel racing sport get better than this? Robot camel racing in Dubai is truly exceptional.


Keeping of the Traditions

In Dubai, families have created a culture of coming together. Family bonding has existed for a long time. In the early ages, a father and son could spend their time on camels looking for work.

Due to the change in times and the dynamics brought about by technology, people in Dubai have enhanced more ways of spending time together as a family. Many families now spend leisure time standing up paddling in the Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf is a wonderful place to create some family memories.


There are Beaches for Families

Many beaches are not suitable and enjoyable for women due to many perverts who gaze at them. The Dubai government has set up distinct beaches in the city just for families. The government has set up policies to scare away any creepers from family beaches.

The policies set out by the government give you time to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the beaches without worry.


A City of Givers

The people of Dubai are the most cheerful givers in the world. Individuals who cannot get food are catered for by citizens of Dubai City. If you ever find yourself in Dubai, it’s worth interacting with locals for a friendly experience.

All across the city, there are refrigerators with food at strategic places. The less fortunate do not sleep hungry in this city. Most interestingly, the people who offer to donate don’t do it cheaply; they give good and expensive food they use for their families. Where else can you find lovely souls like this other than in Dubai?


Amazing Birthday Bill

You might not be afraid of splurging on your birthday or your partner’s birthday. After all, how much can one single birthday cost? Well, we think you need to see a Dubai birthday bill. People in Dubai are incredible when it comes to birthdays.

The bill shown here is around $100,00 for a typical birthday. You might take it as too much, but to the people of Dubai it is something they are used to. Plus, birthday cake is mandatory on their bill.


Means of Car Delivery

You are used to cars being delivered by a heavy truck, right? In Dubai, it is rather interesting how cars can be delivered. When you visit Dubai, you may see sights of car deliveries like this one.

Sometimes cars are delivered to the top floors of tall buildings and parked in the lobbies. This excessive method of delivery is seen as a goal by many. Who wouldn’t love having a vehicle personally delivered by means of helicopter? Some people in this city are rich; they engage themselves in lucrative business such as oil. They can thus afford to have luxury cars delivered in this way.


Availability of a 7-Star Hotel

Most cities across the world have established 5-star hotels. Perhaps you might have visited a 5-star location somewhere around the globe. In Dubai, nothing leaves them satisfied, hence they desire to go the extra mile.

The Burj-al-Arab is one of those 7-star hotels in Dubai city. One night at Burj-al-Arab hotel costs $24,000. The Burj-al-Arab has space for parking your helicopter and has a personal butler along with it. The 7-star hotel is on the bucket list of many. Better start saving up now.


Falcons Have Special Seats on Airplanes

Being the national bird in the United Arab Emirates, the Falcon has won people’s hearts all over the country. The Falcon is more notable in the region than any other bird. As a result, the Falcon bird has been allowed to travel on commercial airplanes in reserved seats.

You might be surprised to see these Falcons seated among regular passengers, but that’s just some of the charm the city of Dubai has to offer. You most likely will not encounter falcons on your plane ride to Dubai, but the chance is never zero.


Rooftop Boxing Ring

The world of sports in Dubai city is on another level, literally. This surprising boxing ring has been constructed seemingly in the sky. Did you ever think of watching or playing a boxing match on a rooftop? Dubai has got you covered.

The boxing ring has been built on top of a tall building in Dubai city. This ring has hosted British professionals and Anthony Joshua. How can a boxing match get sweeter than this? Experience is the best teacher, so might as well see it for yourself.


There are Private Concerts in the City

It’s obviously common for celebrities and world stars to perform for crowds in cities. In Dubai, the scenario is different; some rich people hire celebrities to come and perform in their own households.

Sheikh Mansur, a rich man in Dubai city, has hosted Kanye West and Jay Z to perform for him on his birthday. Money can get you a great deal in this city; rich people just want to enjoy life.


A Kiss For a Lioness

You might have kissed or thought of kissing your dog. On the other hand, kissing a lioness might be weird to you. Even getting near to a lioness might sound scary to you. However, people in Dubai are used to living around lionesses and even having them as pets.

This man seems to be having a good time with his lioness. They are spending quality time on top of a very expensive Ferrari, just kissing and bonding. The pet lioness is enjoying the interaction just as much as your dog enjoys getting pet and played with.


Languages Used in Dubai

In Dubai, most of the residents are familiar with the Arabic language. However, Arabic has not limited the citizens of Dubai to one language. The rapid growth in the number of tourists in the city has resulted in many learning of English to accommodate tourists.

In Dubai, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Persian, and Mandarin are also spoken. The diversity of languages will make you comfortable no matter where you are visiting from. Accommodating other people and languages is one of the significant boosts to the industry of tourism in Dubai.


Dubai Is Not a Country

Most people in the world fancy that Dubai is a country by itself. However, if you also believe this, that would be incorrect. Dubai is a city within the country of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is an Emirate and is joined together with six other emirates to form the United Arab Emirates. The magnificent structures in this city have made it known across the globe as one of the favorite tourist destinations for many. But before you visit, you may want to brush up on your facts.


Dubai Is Not a Capital City

You must be surprised yet again. Did you think Dubai was the capital city of the United Arab Emirates? You’re not alone. Despite Dubai being the most well known city in the country, it’s not the capital city; the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is the largest city and most populous in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is also one of the most prosperous cities in the country, contributing thoroughly to the overall development of the country.


The Highest Viewing Deck

Have you ever wished to experience the highest observation deck in the world? Then head on over to Dubai city. The public is allowed to access the deck and experience the highest view of the city. This attraction provides visitors with a magnificent view of all the incredible buildings and features Dubai has to offer.

This tallest observation deck is found in the Burj Khalifa. In Burj Khalifa, the super view is at the 124th and 125th stories of the building. Thus, for a view like no other, plan a visit to Burj Khalifa during your stay.


Zero Income Tax on the Citizens

Where else across the globe can you get zero income tax? The Emirate of Dubai does not collect any income tax from its residents. This policy must be incredibly enjoyable for all of the city’s citizens.

The citizens of Dubai city enjoy all their total salary bearing only 5% value-added tax (VAT). This policy has been stretched to all other Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. This enactment is only restricted to foreign banks and oil companies.


Individuals in Burj Khalifa have Longer Fasting Hours

In the month of Ramadan, the people of Dubai following the Islam faith fast from sunrise to sunset. People who live in Burj Khalifa tend to experience longer fasting hours than the rest in the city. The Burj Khalifa is too high above ground level, hence it has longer days than those at ground level.

It might sound mysterious that people in the same building have different hours on the same day. However, this is an experience you’ll need to find out for yourself during your visit.


The Exotic Cars

People in Dubai have a lot of money which they like to spend on expensive cars. This is because people in Dubai love a luxurious life.

In Dubai, you will find a wide range of sports cars around. Many citizens splurge on their vehicles by purchasing the most costly and luxurious cars in the world. Money in Dubai is spent more freely because the citizens are not taxed on their income.


Crime Rate is Almost at Zero

In Dubai, the crime rates are almost insignificant. In 2018, Dubai was ranked the 8th safest city in the world. So if you are bothered about your safety, then Dubai city is the place to be. In 2018, the total crime rate in Dubai dropped to 33.4 per hundred thousand from 58.6 per hundred thousand in 2017.

The institutions responsible for safety in Dubai city have put malicious people on their toes. The institutions have ensured that significant crimes are not experienced in the city despite minor crime.


In Dubai, Fuel is Cheaper than Water

The authorities in the United Arab Emirates have created a conducive environment and offered subsidies to the oil companies. These subsidies are the primary motive as to why fuel prices tend to be relatively low.

Dubai has the lowest petrol prices in the world. In Dubai city, the price of 1.5 litres of petrol is equivalent to 0.5 litres of water. So a liter of gas in Dubai now stands at 0.618 dollars or 2.33 dollars a gallon. Where else in the world can you find this?


Dubai Has the Most Extended Automated Metro System

The metro line in Dubai now accounts for 75 kilometers of area coverage. In addition, the metro line is expanding significantly as the city itself continues to expand. Across the world, Dubai has the most comprehensive metro system.

You might desire to experience the automated metro system, then Dubai will get you covered. The metro line is fully air-conditioned and designed to accommodate the climatic conditions of Dubai city. The trains move at around 95km/h, hence a very reliable means of traveling.


Dubai Weekends

A while ago, Dubai weekends used to start on Thursday and end on Saturday. However, international standards have pushed the United Arab Emirates to push the weekends in Dubai to start on Friday and end on Saturday.

Have you ever thought of going to work on Sunday? In Dubai, Friday is considered a holy day, while Sunday is a typical working day. If you love spending your weekends in recreational areas, Dubai offers you various options. You can visit Dubai and have a fantastic weekend.


The Largest Airport

In Dubai, you will find the largest airport terminal in the world. The Dubai international airport has been transformed gradually from a rough runway in the sand to the world’s most extensive and busy Airport. The Dubai international airport has been in existence for over 50 years now.

Within the Dubai International Airport, there are super services. They offer travel to most of the countries around the world. At Dubai International Airport, you have access to comfortable cabins and five-star suites for sleep if you need time to relax and refresh.


Dubai’s Minister of State for Happiness

The minister of happiness must be an exceptional position. Dubai city has a genuine concern and passion for its citizens. The United Arab Emirates wants to ensure the citizens are happy; hence, it has created a position in the government responsible for citizens’ happiness.

The tremendous responsibility of the minister of happiness in the United Arab Emirates is to harmonize government plans, policies, and programs to ensure they bring happiness to their citizens.


The Gender Ratio in Dubai

In Dubai, there are more men than women. As of the latest demographic statistics, the ratio stands at 2.3 males for every female. The ratio difference is due to large numbers of men migrating to Dubai from all over the world for business.

The high birth rates of males and low birth rates of females in Dubai have also been the cause of this difference in the sex ratio. In addition, jobs in Dubai are majorly male-dominated, hence contributing to the increased imbalance between males and females.


The Ratio of Foreigners to Locals

Dubai has attracted many foreigners to their city. Many immigrants from developing countries travel to Dubai to look for jobs. The city of Dubai offers a wide range of job opportunities for foreigners.

Statistics show that 15% of the people in Dubai comprise locals, while foreigners represent the other 85% of the population. Most of the expatriates are from Sri Lanka and the Indian subcontinent. The foreigners to locals ratio is rather interesting to note and goes to show the unique history associated with Dubai.


In Dubai, There are No Street Addresses and ZIP Codes

Across the world, Dubai is the most growing city in most respects. This fast growth rate resulted in the government choosing not to have street addresses and zip codes. Instead, the people of Dubai primarily use landmarks, maps drawn by hand, or verbal illustrations for directions.

On the other hand, it might sound challenging to move around without street addresses if you are a visitor, but with time you get used to the system. Addresses are provided only to a few companies and under specific situations.


Citizens in Dubai are Paid to Lose Weight

Being paid is always desirable, right? In Dubai city, you are paid 2 grams of gold for every kilogram you lose in weight. Healthy weight loss is always a good goal, especially in terms of helping citizens become healthier with a payment program.

The government has structured the program to allow only two children per family to be involved in the program. The city spends $700,000 in gold on the locals through this program. Many of you probably wish things could work like this in all parts of the world.


Strict Laws in Dubai

In Dubai, you will find some stringent laws that can lead you to problems if you are not careful. Smuggling illegal substances will end you up in jail. In Dubai, kissing, dancing and being intoxicated in public spaces is also illegal.

The city also doesn’t allow sleeveless tops and very short dresses to be worn in public. The Dubai government is stringent in upholding morals and cultural behaviors. Once you get to Dubai, you must behave properly; otherwise, you’ll have some problems.


Rising Temperatures in Dubai City

The temperatures in the city can be pretty high sometimes. For example, Dubai sees average temperatures range from 67 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 98 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. While in Dubai, you can even encounter temperatures of up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit at the highest.

Most people in Dubai have air-conditioned their houses to maintain sustainable temperatures, while the government has provided air-conditioned shelters for public transport. Generally, Dubai primarily experiences scorching climates as it is surrounded by desert.