Jada Pinkett-Smith Spoke Openly About The Words Her Son Said That Most Moms Would Prefer Not Hearing


The Smith Family Under Scrutiny

Millions of people search the internet daily for even the smallest amount of news regarding Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s family. After all, they are a family of entertainers. Then again, it could be because of the controversial way their
family unit operates. Whatever people think or not, the Smiths believe in doing what they reckon is ideal for their children’s upbringing and not allow society to dictate what is correct.

Their parenting strategies have periodically been viewed as peculiar to the external realm. Even Jada’s mom disclosed that her daughter and son-in-law’s parenting approach is on par with being crazy. At least, that was her initial point of view. With all the openness, the parents have realized that not everything is easy to embrace, which she got a taste of early on with Jaden.

Jada Learn Some Unpalatable Things

With everything Jada has learned about Jaden, she keeps finding out more, some not so palatable. Either way, Jada had been indeed startled when her only son, Jaden, approached her with a depressing petition. What could that be? Jada spoke openly about the specific dialogue with her son in an airing of her popular general talk show called Red Table Talk.

When the clip played, the mom made known a chat which her son Jaden, who is an actor, had with her. She did not refrain from letting everyone know on live camera that the conversation left her completely distraught.


When A Mom's Heart Gets Broken

There are not many things a child can say to a parent, especially a mother, that will devastate them. But, some things can leave you in utter shock. “Heartbreaking” is one of Jada’s terms to describe what Jaden’s announcement did to her.

Letting people know how their kids make them feel is another tough thing for parents to do, but Jada thought it was essential to reveal this to the world. It’s not as though Jada didn’t see what Jaden was about to tell her from many years before, but that did not stave off the impact it had on her.


When A Mom's Heart Gets Broken

No mom, regardless of how tough she is, could walk away from a conversation like the one Jada had with Jaden unscathed. Even more so was the reality that the mother and son duo were tight-knitted. If you refer to their many interviews and appearances together on social media, the devoted mother and talented son have an excellent relationship.

This bond is only dreamt about by many families. Additionally, they are not afraid of the limelight, not even with their parents. This behavior is unlike most children who want to stay away from the parents in public. Both siblings appear to enjoy being around their mother.


Any Topic Is Fair Game For This Family

Most mothers and sons are unlikely to trust each other with their thoughts and secrets, yet Jada and Jaden have no qualms about doing so. You can post virtually anything you’d like to have discussed as they are welcoming to just about any topic on their Facebook show which has grown exponentially

If you’ve never watched the show, it may seem like an exaggeration, but once you do, the topics will surprise you. You’d better believe that this untraditional approach has grown prominent among talk shows. At the beginning of 2019, , Jada had accumulated a whopping two hundred and seventy-five million views of her online show. This led to an award nomination


Jaden's Love And Support Is Constant

You may wonder how Jaden, with his busy schedule, finds time to be on his mother and grandma’s talk program? Jaden has been not just a one-off visitor but a regular presence on the family show. And it’s obvious that he feels very close to his family

Sharing the spotlight with his family is something that Jaden enjoys doing. He is in no way intimidated by his talented father and sister. Jaden graciously invited his dad and Willow to appear with him at the Coachella Festival, for instance. His mother, Jada, on the other hand, was notably missing from the event.


No Reason To Doubt The Family Bond

There hasn’t been too much tension between mother and son. At least, not in the public eye. Either way, with the level of openness the family has been displaying, anything amiss would have probably been addressed on the show already

Will and Jada have been strong supporters of their children their entire lives, so that would have been a shocker to the world. However, it has been important to empower their children to follow their interests by ensuring that they do not impose their own beliefs upon them.


Raising The Children Outside Of Tradition

In the meantime, the Smiths have evolved into being infamous for the unique parenting style they exhibit because their three children are being raised with unconventional strategies. Many parents raise their children outside the box, but the Smiths seem to win this one hands down.

There’s no denying that the famous celebrity has told the media about a lenient approach to discipline, for instance. “In 2013, he told Metro: ‘We don’t administer punishment.’ Now that announcement sent the media in a frenzy and sparked much debate, which is still ongoing.


Kids Are Responsible For Their Own Mistakes

Will said they explain to their children that their behavior is their own. He says as parents, they offer freedom as young as possible, allowing the youngsters to make the most of their life experiences.

Is this a good idea, though? Whether you think so or not, the Smiths are holding on to their beliefs. As a consequence, their notion of correction has been co hindered as “too negative” by people who have openly expressed their disgruntlement to the Smith family


Establishing A Safety-ring For Willow and Jaden

Powered by Will and Jada, the children have seemingly embraced their family members as openly as possible. For instance, when the children were young, the parenting team established what they referred to as a “ring of safety.”

We want the families to be able to speak freely and in public without worrying about what others might think. As we’ll discover, however, the youth were not exempt from punishment as a result of this theory.


The Truth Will Set You Free

You see, the kids are free to tell us everything, which would mean they don’t get in trouble. If we are brave enough to admit it, many of us wish we had heard even just that one line from our parents.

The rule is: if the parents found out that something had not been disclosed or they had blatantly lied after the circle of trust, both Kada and Willow would end up regretting it. Ouch! Might as well spill the beans, huh?


When The Truth Becomes Unbearable

OK, sounds good in theory. However, certain things existed that the parents no longer wanted their children to give them the details about, especially when their children became teenagers. This was bound to happen, especially since we all know how difficult it is to erase conversations from one’s head.

This would be particularly hard for a father and daughter. Of course, Will said that as Willow entered the teenage phase, he had a hard time welcoming some of what Willow had to say. He felt like they had reached a line that he felt should not be crossed.


Sometimes Openness Can Be Too...Open?

In an appearance on The Tonight Show, Will talked about his daughter and said, When you’re a father, you don’t want a girl to be in the midst of a safety circle. That’s when I begged my daughter to start lying. That sounds really strange. One meant they were begging for openness, and the next, asking their daughter to lie. But how many parents really want to hear the
secrets of a 15-year-old?

Actually, Willow had frequently been such a struggle for him that he had to divert his time to something else and send Willow to her mother instead. Will felt no shame in admitting that, noting that things are just for mothers and daughters.


When Willow And Will Weren't Seeing Eye-to-eye

Willow stated that her father struggled with her being in the limelight at an early age. Furthermore, in a December 2018 Red Table Talk episode, she declared that she didn’t fully trust Will until sometime after many initial outings into the music industry

She eventually forgave her parents for the “That Whipped my Hair” song and video, Willow declared on the show to her mom. This was a truly tear-jerking moment, especially with the pained expression on Willow’s face.


Willow Wasn't Happy Whipping Her Hair

Believe it or not, Willow was not happy with how her life, particularly her career, had been going. The first few years went in a completely different direction from what she was striving for.

Willie says she felt no one was listening to what she had to say as though she was a puppet on a string. She, therefore, had to work on regaining trust for her father and others in her circle. She needed to start feeling like people cared about what she wanted or just cared about her, period.


Nothing Could Surprise Will And Jada Now

Meanwhile, Will should not be started at all by the brazenness of Willow and Jaden. After all, that is how they were trained from birth—openly expressing themselves no matter what the situation has been embedded in their system.

The expression doesn’t only come through words but also through actions, including the types of clothing one chooses to wear, and both children have been doing so through their unique style of dressing. Their parents have remained supportive, especially of Jaden, whose designs may sometimes appear over-the-top to the general public.


Both Parents Knew Something Was Wrong With Jaden

A great example is Jaden even wearing what appears to be skirts, which initially sent shockwaves across social media and the media as a whole. His attire was viewed as obscuring the limits of what is considered traditional.

This radical sense of dressing appears to have pleased both his parents. Will told a British radio show host back in 2016 that “Jaden is completely fearless.” That lack of fear has helped to propel him into a huge star today


Out With The Vegan-In With Vegetarian

Will says the lengths that Jaden will go appear limitless. He says this can be terrifying for them as parents, even though they’ve pledged to be supportive. He emphasized that Jayden has vowed to stand by his decisions even until death

What people think of him has absolutely no impact. Besides, it comes across as though Will and Jada entirely endorse their son’s independence in conveying himself to the world and acknowledge that it enables him to thrive as a person.


When It Was Willow's Turn To Go Extreme

What Will appears to be saying is that, regardless of whatever choices Jaden makes, they can only be supportive as his parents in order to help him achieve his goals, no matter how offbeat the decision may appear to be.

However, regardless of them being known for throwing their support behind their children’s decisions, there have been times when the parents have had to step in and offer their help. For example, when Jaden became a vegan.


Will And Jada Hit Back At The Media

In one of the show’s episodes back in 2019, Jada disclosed that both she and Will had to stage an intervention in Jaden’s life with his diet, which made him appear malnourished. The lack of protein in his diet made Jayden very weak.

His parents could not take it anymore. They felt that doing nothing at that point would not mean giving him space but rather not caring. Jada said her son appeared drained as his body clearly lacked nourishment.


Will's Take On Willow's Shaved Head

The great instincts of a mother were not the only factor that led to the intervention. The paleness of Jayden’s skin was also noticed by other members of the family. It turned out that Will had been participating in that episode of Red Table Talk with the rest of the family. The focus was on healthy diets.

It was at that point when Will openly stated his observations made about his son’s appearance before they had intervened. He claimed that Jaden’s skin had a somewhat greyish look, which made him nervous.


Girls Own Their Bodies, Said Jada

The intervention by Will and Jada bore fruit because their son was very receptive to it. As a result of the joint effort, Jaden then decided to forsake his vegan diet and embrace a vegetarian one. In terms of eating meat, Jaden remained adamant that he would stay away from that while still consuming some dairy products.

During the episode, Jaden made it known that he still occasionally went vegan for maybe a week, but the past year, he’s officially been vegetarian. His family can live with that decision.


Sometimes Freedom Leads To Consequences

Although the Smiths always allowed their offsprings to be individuals, a few of their choices have resulted in some difficult situations. During her Facebook chat segment, Red Table Talk, Jada discussed yet another incident.

Jada presents the interview series with Willow and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, as you may know. Besides that, as we’ll see shortly, the show also includes acquaintances and several other close relatives.


Bringing Jaden And Willow To The Hot Seat

As a result, throughout a segment in 2018, Jada focused on her own family and spoke candidly about parental involvement.

She asked both Jaden and Willow to make an appearance in order to provide a healthy viewpoint on her maternal abilities. And at one point, the conversation between mother and son became very heated.


Adrienne Question's Will And Jada's Parenting

Growing Up Smith!” was the title of the Red Table Talk episode in question. “At the Red Table this week, Jaden Smith and Willow Smith share what it’s like growing up in one of America’s most popular families,” said a preview for the episode.

The children’s maternal grandmother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, contemplates whether the kids’ parents have given them too much autonomy…”


The Kids Turn Up Late

The episode begins inside what appears to be the Smith family house, where Jada and Adrienne are waiting for Jaden and Willow to arrive, who are said to be “running behind schedule.”

Jada excuses her children’s tardiness by telling her mother, “Oh, you know, they’re working…” There are rehearsals for both
of them.”


The Highs And Lows Of Parenting

We’ll be speaking about parenting today in all its facets, the joys… and pitfalls of parenting,” Jada tells Adrienne as she waits for Jaden and Willow to arrive.

When the two celebrity siblings eventually appear at the interview table, their mother doesn’t waste time getting right to work. She begins by providing some background information on the Smith family dynamic.


Jada Give Jaden Many Accolades

“Jaden is my baby – my firstborn,” Jada says as she introduces her son at the start of Red Table Talk. He’s one in the top tier of gentle and caring creatures that I’ve ever seen. Jaden is a guitarist, an actress, and a businessman

Since he sincerely focuses on helping to create a more environmentally-friendly world, he has a clothing line, his record label, and a spring water business that uses sustainably sourced spring water.” With such an outspoken introduction, this mother implies that, regardless of what others might think, they have done the right thing for their children.


Ready To Say How Jaden Broke Her Heart

Jada says both children bring her happiness due to their success and kindness. In the midst of it though, she has experienced some hardships as a parent.

And, as the conversation continues, the adoring mother explains how Jaden was responsible for “one of [her] most heartbreaking moments.”


Jaden Happy To Be Back From Japan

The doting mother invites her son to the Red Table before moving on to the more complicated aspects of her relationship with Jaden. “You’re our lucky guest today,” she tells him.

Adrienne then tells the audience that Jaden has just returned from Japan, to which he responds, “I’m so glad to be back.” He is, however, completely unaware of the traumatic memories that his conversation with his mother is about to elicit.


Jada's Mom Begins The Tough Conversation

Adrienne is the one who starts the discussion by comparing Jaden and Willow’s upbringing to that of their mother, Jada. “We didn’t give kids a whole lot of choice,” the grandmother explains in the video.

I got the impression that you guys had so much control over your own lives.” Jaden and Willow, on the other hand, laugh incredulously at Adrienne’s admission, as if they don’t understand what they’re hearing.


Jada's Mom Calls Her And Will Crazy

Adrienne, on the other hand, goes on to justify why she believes Jaden and Willow have so much freedom. “[Jada] treated you like adults, and I just felt like, ‘He’s eight!’” she says.

Is he going to tell me when he goes to bed? It was their parenting style, which was very different from what I was used to. “These people are crazy!” I exclaimed.


Jada Defends Unorthodox Parenting To Her Mom

Jada clarified that she felt like she was training Jaden and Willow for adulthood, in response to Adrienne’s thoughts on her and Will’s unorthodox parenting style.

“I don’t want to make choices for you,” she said. I want to start preparing you as soon as possible and giving you as much control over your life as possible.”


Getting Ready For The Heartbreak

Jada, on the other hand, seems to have given Jaden the resources he needed for independence much sooner than she expected

That’s because the adoring mother shares how Jaden approached her when he was 15 years old and asked to be set free. “It was definitely one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life,” Jada says in the video.


Jaden Wants To Be Cut Loose

In the show, Jaden asks Jada if he should move out of the family home out of the blue. “You got to a point where you told me straight up,” the actress says, recalling what happened with her son.

‘Mom, I have to leave here to live my life,’ you said. And Jaden seems to recall the incident accurately, as he agrees with her account and adds, “Totally.”


Jada Could Not Hide Her Devastation

Surprisingly, while Jada was clearly upset by her son’s plea for independence, her response in the video isn’t quite what you’d anticipate.

“I recall thinking to myself, as devastated as I was, ‘He’s right,’” she says, describing her reaction to Jaden. Now is the time; he is 15 years old. It’s time for him to get out of here.’


Adrienne Says No Way Jose!

Not everybody in Jada’s immediate family, though, is as forgiving. Adrienne interrupts the discussion and admits, “I would never have agreed with that.”

However, Jada goes on to clarify that she was able to listen to Jaden’s side of the story when it came to leaving home. Apparently, the latter had shown adult-like characteristics from a young age.


Jada Admits She Anticipated Jaden Leaving The Crib Early

Jada reveals in the Red Table Talk episode that she predicted Jaden’s bid for independence. “I knew,” the mother states.

Jada recalls that during Jaden’s childhood days, she told Will that he’d be out of their home very early. He was very mature beyond his years. He was making movies… he was in charge of his own life.”


Understanding What It Means To Live In A Bubble

Jada was also aware of the stresses that come with becoming a celebrity and understood why Jaden would want his own room.

“Being in this lifestyle – in this country – is a bubble,” she adds. Since I didn’t have the bubble, I understood why he wanted out. And I knew what I learned from it – getting my independence outside the bubble.”


Jada Accepts That Jaden Leaving Early Wouldn't Be All Bad

But, in the end, Jada realized that giving Jaden some independence didn’t mean she had to sever all ties from him permanently.

“I understood that the earlier I cut him loose, the quicker he was coming back,” the mom said then, disclosing her inspiration for enabling her son to transition out. And it appears she had been accurate.


The Shocking News-Jaden Applies For Autonomy

As a present for his 15th birthday, Jaden officially applied for independence from Jada and Will in July 2013.

However, when the pop singer participated on a talk program with Ellen in the latter part of the year, he discussed that story. He also seemed to dispute that he intended to leave the house. He explained that he got everything he needed there so he’d be there for another two to three decades.


Jaden Finally Gets His Independence

Jaden didn’t leave the Smith family’s Malibu, California, home until nearly four years later.

Also, he made sure to not go too remote, instead relocating to a four-million dollar house in the Hidden Hills of Los Angeles. Many celebrities have resided in that community including rapper Kanye and his Katdashian sister, Kim who is Kanye’s ex.


Jaden Learns The Importance Of Family

After moving out, Jaden admitted shortly after that he had been learning the importance of family.

He said moving away from his family and facing the reality of being alone gave him a new perspective on life and family values. So, Jada was right after all. Set him free and he’ll come back faster than he departed. This family sure has a lot to share whether you like it or not, their are many amazing lessons to learn and examples to follow as well.