“Most Beautiful Twins” In The World, Birth to 2021


1. An Early Gift for the Family

Ava Maria and Leah Rose Clements, twins, were welcomed into this world in 2010 by their parents Jaqi and Kevin Clements. Their little miracles, who were born earlier than expected, were gifted with unparalleled beauty, and have become professional child models. Here is a progression of their images that have taken the Internet by storm.

Born on July 7th, 2010, Jaqi Clements was surprised by the birth of her babies Leah Rose and Ava Marie four and a half weeks early. As she bonded with her new family additions, she understood why they were early.

According to Jaqi, based on their personalities, it makes sense why they would show up unannounced and early, ready to take on the world one day at a time. This early drive helps them later in life with their career.

2. Superstars, Even at a Young Age

Following their birth, it did not take long for strangers and other family members to notice their striking appearance. For this reason, the twins always received compliments, even as babies.

Their natural beauty since birth has been undeniable and noticeable. With silky hair, smooth skin, and almost perfectly symmetrical faces, the children were born to model and look like they are straight out of a magazine, even in person. Their appearance certainly caught the eye of many, even at a young age but what were they saying?


3. Add Models to the List

With such symmetrical and adorable faces, it was difficult for strangers not to give them compliments. From the moment the twins were born, Jaqi always heard the same statement.

She says strangers would approach her and comment about how beautiful her twins were, and that they should go into modeling. One day, she thought about these consistent comments and decided to give them a shot at child modeling which kickstarted their career at a young age.


4. Modeling is A Lot to Take On

After hearing the same statement, Jaqi signed the twins up with a modeling agency in Los Angeles, once they reached six months old.

Jaqi already had a two-year-old son to take care of at home so this added pressure to her parenting responsibilities. She found that it was difficult enough to get the lot out the door, so the modeling attempt was short-lived, and she decided this was not the best time to pursue their career. The first modeling attempts only lasted for three months.


5. Enjoying a Regular Life as a Regular Family

While the thought of managing her daughter’s modeling career was enticing, she did not feel that it was the right decision for her children at that time. Instead, she thought bringing up her kids alongside their peers was the best decision for them.

She had no regrets about removing them from a future modeling career. However, as time passed, her viewpoint began to change. I bet you can guess what the next move was!


6. Fostering the Dreams of Children

Although she had an incredibly busy schedule handling three young children, the twins were not ready to let go of the modeling idea. While the three months of initial modeling had ended, Jaqi began to consider her children’s thoughts and dreams.

To keep them happy and foster growth and development, she did not want to pressure them into an activity they did not like. Therefore, she gave Leah and Ava a choice in the matter. You probably already know where this is going but…


7. Let the Kids Decide Their Future

Jaqi’s conscience told her that having her twins make these decisions while they were toddlers was not the right move yet. They certainly were not old enough to voice their opinions or make this monumental decision on their own.

At this time, the twins’ only language was tears which made it difficult for Jaqi and her husband to make the right decision. They weighed all options and considered all factors to determine when the best time to allow them to decide if they wanted to pursue modeling.


8. Lucky Age Seven for the Twins

It is important to note that Jaqi believes heavily in signs. She claims seven is her lucky number and that it is more than just a coincidence that the twins were born on July 7th.

As the girl’s seventh birthday was approaching, the idea of them turning seven on the 7th of July 2017 kick Jaqi’s mind into gear. She figured this was a sign and that it was the perfect time for them to make the modeling decision.


9. Plant the Modeling Extracurricular Idea

Once the girls turned seven, they had developed personalities and thoughts. They were engaged in several school extracurricular activities like swimming and dancing, which they enjoyed.

As a seventh birthday gift, Jaqi presented the idea that if the girls wanted to give modeling a try while keeping swim team practices and dance classes, they would have that option to include it as an extracurricular activity. How do you think the girls reacted to this unique gift?


10. Ready for my Closeup Today!

Jaqi noted that the girls love to perform for anyone who will watch them, including neighbors, friends, and strangers, anyone is a welcomed audience. She was surprised considering this love and drive for performance was not inherent to mom or dad.

Jaqi said it did not surprise her that the girls were beyond excited when they decided to incorporate modeling. They could not wait for the photoshoots to begin. The twins were excited and ready to commit to the child modeling lifestyle.


11. Entering Back into the Modeling Game!

Now that the twins were much older and more excited during the first attempt, the process was expected to be much smoother. Around the same time, Jaqi’s friend opened a children’s boutique and need several child models to promote the business.

Given their appearance, the twins were immediately selected for the job. In addition to publicity for the girls, it helped Jaqi start to build a portfolio for them with an agent, so this was a win-win for all involved.


12. The Modeling Process Can be Slow

Although the girls decided to start modeling again, they were still young. Jaqi was concerned that wearing collections of pretty clothing and loads of makeup could be problematic for their childhood development, so she decided to take it slow.

In the beginning, Jaqi took control but digging up her Nikon camera from a garage bin, dabbing on a little blush, and adding a few subtle waves to the girl’s hair to go out and take some photos.


13. First-Hand Learning of Modeling

Of course, Leah and Ava were comfortable in front of the camera with their stunning looks but that does not mean they knew how to model. This is a trait children must learn and cannot inherently just do on a whim. Jaqi learned this first-hand during their initial personal photoshoot.

The challenge with seven-year-old’s is they have quite a bit of energy. Ava would investigate the camera and Leah would stare in a different direction. Leah would bump into Ava who thought it was done on purpose and would push her back. They were young so patience was important.


14. Working with A Professional Agency

After this first personal photoshoot, it was important to get the girls in front of a professional agent. She was concerned an agent would be difficult to find since it had been six years since the previous modeling attempt.

Jaqi held on to several contacts from the first time around and started with these professionals. Surprisingly, she heard back from every agent she contacted, all of whom requesting setting up a time to meet the twins. They found two agencies they liked and signed up with both. Unfortunately, trouble was brewing in the background.


15. A Two Modeling Agency Dilemma

Given that Jaqi was inexperienced in the modeling world, she felt having two agencies meant doubling the number of opportunities and exposure. It seems logical and straightforward until one of the agencies called her.

The agent informed Jaqi that the twins received a callback for a Barbie audition. Normally that would be a fantastic opportunity but the team had just gone to the same audition with the other agent. Luckily, she told the agency the truth and the situation was corrected in a matter of a few hours.


16. Social Media Popularity Explodes Fast

As the girls began earning more auditions, Jaqi created an Instagram account called @clementstwins to garner more exposure. She only had a personal Instagram account and did not know what she was doing or that 300,000 followers were a lot. The Instagram account blew up with success almost immediately.

The primary purpose of the Instagram account was to act as a fanbase and a portfolio for agencies. The account easily reached its goals and surpass all dreams of success.


17. Mom’s Instagram Followers Learning Curve

Surprisingly, only part of the success of their Instagram account was the twins’ beauty. Jaqi also utilized tactics to gain a vast number of followers and even spilled the beans on several of her more successful tips.

Five months after she started the Instagram account, the girls had over 380,000 followers. One of her best tips is that since Instagram is all about photographs, it is best not to settle for an average photographer just to save a few hundred dollars. Instead, taking high-quality, beautiful photos will get you further.


18. A Big 2017 Year of Success

2017 turned out to be a successful modeling year for the entire family. In addition to Leah ad Ava choosing to return to the modeling game, Jaqi also figured 2017 would be a lucky year, based on the coincidental 7’s.

Aside from Jaqi being a huge believer in signs, along with the number seven being lucky, she felt 2017 would be an exciting and amazing year for the entire family. This mother’s intuition turned out to be spot on.


19. An Expanding Family of Models

As Leah and Ava were becoming successful child models, their older brother Chase also had great talent up his sleeve. Also having a symmetrical face, Chase signed with the same two agencies as his sisters which helped him add more to his resume.

In addition to also being a child model, Chase is an excellent actor. Even at a young age, he has been in several commercials. Now, all three of the kids are models, and all love to perform in front of any audience.


20. An Explosion of Job Offers in a Short Period

Now that the word was out about the twin’s knack for modeling, they almost immediately had six jobs lined up in only a week. The agencies were calling off the hook and the twins were the most popular child models in town.

Although this high number of jobs during a short period would tire out most girls, they were driven, excited, could not get enough of the modeling industry, and wanted to do even more.


21. The Modeling Industry is Tough

Before diving into the modeling industry, Jaqi did not know the process or contacts. However, as time progressed, she naturally learned more about the business and has spoken out about the pros and cons.

On Jaqi’s blog, she lists the positives, negatives, and ugly aspects of the modeling industry. She further notes that the most important information she learned while going through the process is that you must know who you are getting involved with before trusting someone to be a mentor.


22. The Most Difficult Challenge They Faced

For this family modeling team, one of the biggest challenges they faced during their new lives as models and a manager was getting around to different photoshoots through LA traffic.

Since they make the trip to downtown Los Angeles several times per week for photoshoots, the drive can turn into 5 or 6-hour trips due to the gridlock. Although this may sound like a brutal aspect of their career, there is no avoiding the traffic and the family has learned to deal with this nuisance.


23. Seeking the Best Modeling Guidance

Since Jaqi was still new to the model management game, she needed guidance but wanted to ensure she could trust the right advice from the right individuals. She has developed a system whereby she asks herself several questions before working with a modeling professional

She believes that if something feels off about the agent, shoot, or any other aspect of the job, she will conduct additional thorough research to determine whether to proceed. The “better safe than sorry” system has already paid off.


24. Eliminate the Negativity of the Modeling World

One of the other aspects Jaqi discusses is the difficulties in dealing with backlash and negative comments directed at her family and daughters. Although she takes the stance of ignoring negative comments and general negativity and focusing on the positive points, this is not always that simple.

Jaqi regularly feels a lot of pressure to fight back against the negativity and protect her family but reminds herself that if you do not have anything nice to say to or about somebody then do not say anything at all.


25. They Seem Sad with the New Career

One of the most common comments the twins receive is that they always look sad. Some take this sadness and make assumptions that they are being forced into modeling by their family and are not having fun doing it.

The response from the family is that the focus of some photoshoots is more solemn than others and if you ever met the modeling team in person, you would see they are the furthest from being sad as possible.


26. The Difficult but Important Makeup Decision

One of the biggest questions that the family receives around having child models is if the girls wear makeup during photoshoots. Although not every commentor thinks children wearing makeup is a big deal, some think the girls are much too young to be exposed to makeup.

Jaqi always comments the same way by saying that in all booked photoshoots through the agency, there are hired makeup artists and hair professionals on the set because that is how the industry works.


27. Mom’s Annoyance with One Specific Comment

While Jaqi is subjected to an endless amount of public backlash for allowing the girls to be models at such a young age, the comment that annoys her the most is when commenters write, “let them be kids.”

The reason this annoys her so much is her daughters have not been forced into modeling, it was a choice they collectively made because they enjoy being in front of the camera. It is the girls’ choice on how they wish to spend their time.


28. Other Activities Outside of Modeling

Although modeling consumes a large chunk of time, the twins are still average young girls who goof around during photoshoots, make music playlists for the car rides, and get on each other’s nerves on occasion since they are sisters.

However, they still love to dance and often give a little performance in front of the camera before the photoshoot begins. Their love of performance in front of an audience is probably why they have a knack for modeling!


29. Why They Love Living the Modeling Life

While the life of modeling can be an exhausting endeavor due to the scheduling and traveling, it has created an unmatched family bond that most families do not get the privilege of experiencing.

They talk about how each trip is a new experience for everyone involved that is shared and the result is spending more time as a family than most. Along the way, they get to meet a variety of new people and make new friends which help add to the experience.


30. The Kids’ Decision for Future Modeling

Even after a few years, the twins have shown no signs of slowing down their modeling careers. Although they are still in elementary school, with the success they have experienced, they will likely be modeling through their high school years.

This dynamic duo may even shift over to acting one day since they love the camera and performing. The twins currently have their own YouTube channel where they occasional post vlogs. It is exciting to about think where their lives will go next.


31. The Modeling Industry is Very Expensive

Jaqi wants to make it clear that just because the girls have jobs lined up week in and week out, the family is not suddenly wealthy. If anything, the cost of food, gas, and headshots required to keep up with the job is incredibly expensive.

Jaqi notes that if you put all the costs into perspective, the money spent by the family now will pay off in the future by allowing the twins to make their own money to save for college, a house, and a car.


32. Excellent Family Genes from Mom and Dad

The twins and their brother got their stunning looks from a gorgeous mother and handsome father. The genes run beautifully in this family, so it is no surprise the girls are childhood models.

It is of the common opinion that this is one excellent-looking family. Even Jaqi models sometimes with her daughters to help make them feel more comfortable and add support. Although the father does not get behind the camera, he could easily jump in and work well.


33. Modeling is a Never-ending Adventure

Like in any society-facing industry, rumors are always bound to appear for the successful and popular. However, the claims the twins have been forced to model are without proof. As the Clements twins said how much they enjoy the industry, commenters asked what was so appealing?

Jaqi commented back they like that every week is a new adventure and not knowing what is in store the next day or week keeps the familiar-looking forward to the next adventure.


34. Modeling is a Great Bonding Experience with Mom

Having mom as their manager, the twins were able to create an unbreakable bond that all three will cherish for a lifetime.

Regarding another aspect the girls enjoy about modeling, Jaqi wrote that the time the three of them spent in the car driving between photoshoots is like gold. It gives some well-needed girl time that many families do not have the opportunity to experience in their entirety because they are always on the go.


35. How Mom Dealt with Negativity

Although the twins were criticized online, Jaqi also found herself to be the object of numerous negative comments. However, she did not mind these comments as it is part of being in the spotlight.

On her blog, Jaqi replied to a commenter that she does not give light to negative comments because she knows they are untrue and that is what matters. Her attitude toward drowning out the negative and focusing on the positive was a difficult situation for anyone to manage.


36. Mom Ignores Negative Comments to Focus on the Positive

Although Jaqi tried to ignore negative comments, they just kept coming toward her, her daughters, and her family. At this point in the stardom, mom welcomed the negative comment.

She wrote on social media that she welcomes all comments, good or bad, and had no plan on deleting any freedom of speech, even if they were negatively directed at her. She feels that every individual is entitled to express the way they feel about any topic.


37. Mom Finds That Speaking Up is Worth it

The modeling industry can be extremely challenging so speaking up without worrying about impact your daughters’ careers can be difficult. Although a little scared at first, Jaqi fired back at a commenter who has children in the industry.

She said she does not want to say or do anything to jeopardize her children’s modeling career but enough is enough. If mom can prevent others from going through some of the negative experiences they have had as a family then it is worth the fight.


38. Speaking Up Leads to 1.8 Million Followers

With over 1.8 million Instagram followers globally, the Clements twins are incredibly popular on social media. In comparison, Lady Gaga boasts 35 million followers while Gal Gadot has 28 million followers. These are from stars who are well-established in their careers, so the girls are well on their way.

Furthermore, Gigi Hadid has 46 million followers and Vanessa Hudgens has 33 million. These are all top models, actresses, and artists so having over 1.8 million Instagram followers by the time you are eight-years-old is impressive.


39. Now Eight-Year-Olds With an Amazing Portfolio

As the twins have become a little older, additional modeling opportunities have emerged from clothing brands and fashion publications. The results of these photos from the additional modeling requests have turned out stunning.

After only a year of modeling, the girls have developed an incredible portfolio of stunning images taken but some of the best photographers in the business. This portfolio paired with a tremendous Instagram following has resulted in excellent opportunities for the girls to be eligible for larger gigs in the future.


40. The First Year as Professional Models

At seven-years-old, the twins became professional models and their first year was an exciting and amazing experience for the entire family. On July 7, 2017, the girls went pro and the Daily Mail released an article about the twins that helped further their career.

When the article was published in December 2017, Jaqi said that it helped rocket the public’s awareness of the girls as models which have been an exciting and fun experience for the two.


41. What an Incredible Life to Live

When asked what a day is like in the life of an under age 10 professional model, Jaqi noted that whether the experience was gifted merchandise from international brands, taking photos with fans, or having private shopping experiences, the ride has been amazing for the entire family.

The twins have an incredible support team with their mother always by their side for guidance and who is always looking out for their best interest while ensuring they are enjoying the entire experience.


42. Utilizing Instagram to Save Lives

After finding out Kevin was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia, which required a bone marrow donor and transplant, the twins utilized their status and Instagram power to find him a donor. Kevin’s brother was the perfect match for the job.

Ava and Leah partnered with DKMS to help raise further awareness to encourage others to become donors and the simplicity behind getting testing. The twins hope to further utilize their status to save lives as they did for their father.