Rescued Golden Retriever Confuses All After Giving Birth To These Unique Puppies


If there’s one thing that’s universal, it’s that people everywhere love baby animals. You can see evidence of that with just a quick look at YouTube or Instagram, where videos and photos of adorable kittens and puppies are the norm.

Typically, puppies will look like the mama and papa dogs, but sometimes a mama dog delivers a litter of pups that take everyone by surprise. That’s exactly what happened in 2017 when a beautiful Golden Retriever named Rosie delivered some puppies that didn’t exactly look like fluffy Golden Retriever pups. Indeed, Rosie’s children looked like they were crossed with a dairy cow. These adorable puppies are a must see!

1. Meet Rosie, a Gorgeous Golden Retriever

Rosie is a Golden Retriever who was abandoned by her owners in October 2017. The former owners left a very pregnant Rosie at a shelter and didn’t give an explanation as to why they were disowning her.

The manager of the shelter feared that Rosie was in danger if she gave birth without some type of assistance from humans. The sad fact is that most shelters are overcrowded with dogs and very few have the resources to care for a mother dog and a litter of puppies.


2. Rosie's Increasingly Complicated Fate

Rosie’s situation was clear to the staff at the shelter. The soon-to-be mama dog needed caring owners as quickly as possible. But could they find a home for a heavily pregnant dog? It’s challenging enough to find homes for adorable puppies, much less an adult dog who’s coming in with baggage.

Clearly, Rosie’s life had not been easy and her previous caretakers were irresponsible pet owners. However, the shelter staff fell in love with the sweet Rosie and were determined to change her fate.


3. A Rescuer's Intervention Saves Rosie

Fortunately, the manager of the shelter knew of a rescue organization for Golden Retrievers. Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue is a nonprofit organization that helps find homes for Golden Retrievers in Raleigh, North Carolina. The organization rehabilitates Golden Retrievers and gets them into good homes.

The volunteers at the organization foster abandoned or stray Golden Retrievers and prepare them for their forever homes. However, time was running out for Rosie. The organization had to act quickly to get Rosie into a home and comfortably settled before she gave birth.


4. Last-Minute Help for Rosie

Fortunately for Rosie, the organization knew of a couple who was willing to care for Rosie and her special needs. One of the volunteers picked Rosie up from the shelter the next day after they received the call. By then, Rosie was dangerously close to giving birth, and the volunteer even worried that she would give birth on the way to the veterinary clinic!

Fortunately, the volunteer made it to the clinic in time for the veterinarians on staff to determine that Rosie was perfectly healthy.


5. Rosie Gets Help from a Loving Couple

The rescuer knew what their next task would be: getting Rosie into a good foster home where she could receive assistance with giving birth. That’s where a caring couple named John and Katie Black entered the picture. The Blacks have fostered more than 20 dogs since they first started fostering in 2009.

John and Katie already have three dogs in their family: Leroy, Annie, and Winchester. Because of this, the volunteer was confident that the couple would be able to assist Rosie with her complicated birth.


6. Rosie Is Welcomed to Her Foster Home

John and Katie ended up taking Rosie into their home on October 28, 2017. It was just enough time for the sweet girl to get comfortable and settled in. She had been abandoned at the shelter just five days before, so making all of this happen so quickly was a kind of miracle.

However, although they knew Rosie was definitely going to be having some babies, they never expected what they saw when the puppies were born. They posted to Instagram that they were fostering her.


7. Rosie Surprised Everyone

Although Rosie was “very preggers,” as the Blacks described in their Instagram post, she was still shy and scared. Nevertheless, despite the uncertainty of her life, Rosie kept a sweet disposition about her at all times. When it came time for her to give birth, John and Katie were on hand to help the new mama.

What they never expected was the color of the pups that Rosie delivered. They revealed a surprise that delighted everyone who saw the photos on the internet.


8. Rosie Delivers Her Puppies

The birth had difficulties, but it wasn’t anything that the birthing team (Katie, John, and Rosie) couldn’t handle. Mama and the puppies all were absolutely fine. In fact, the puppies were the correct weight and size for Rosie’s breed, or at least what people had assumed was Rosie’s breed.

Since Rosie was a big girl, the Blacks expected a large litter of puppies. That’s pretty common with bigger dogs. However, Rosie only gave birth to four babies, even though the average for Golden Retrievers is five or six puppies.


9. The Next Big Surprise

Besides being a smaller litter of puppies, Rosie had another surprise for the couple who helped her deliver her little ones. In another viral Instagram post, Katie hilariously said that their foster dog who was a Golden Retriever mix gave birth to “baby cows.” And that’s exactly what they looked like!

The four puppies looked nothing at all like Rosie, who is a typical Golden Retriever with shiny gold fur. These little puppies all had black spots. It was quickly apparent that the father of the pups was not a Golden Retriever.


10. Meet the Puppies with The Perfect Cow Names

No one knew what type of breed the father of the puppies was, but one thing was clear. These little pups were adorable. Katie and John named them Clarabelle, Daisy, Moo, and Betsy. This is a funny play on names traditionally given to cows, so it’s very cute that the Blacks thought of these names.

Kate revealed that her father thought it was completely hysterical that their gorgeous foster Golden Retriever gave birth to baby cows. And the names were just perfect, as everyone on Instagram agreed.


11. But Who Is the Daddy?

Katie and John Black became even more curious about what breed of dog may have fathered these cute black and white puppies. Honestly, these pups look so different from their mom, Rosie, that it’s hard to believe they’re even her biological offspring. Not a hint of Golden Retriever seemed to be in these little dogs.

Lots of different breeds of dogs have white fur and black spots, so it’s challenging to determine what type of dog could father a litter like Rosie’s puppies. However, people on the internet speculated anyhow.


12. What Was the Father's Breed? Social Media Weighs In

People on social media wasted no time in trying to guess the ethnicity of Rosie’s little ones. Theories were all over the place, with some people suggesting that the father was a Dalmatian. Other social media users came up with wetterhound, bluetick coonhound, and even English setters.

In regards to the spots, every other fur pattern on the dogs was “ticking,” which is what dog experts call the small isolated areas of tiny dots. Because of this, most people agreed that a Dalmatian was likely the father in question.


13. Kate Black's Dad Was Having a Blast

Katie’s dad was having the most fun of everyone, or so it seemed. She said that her dad loved the mismatch so much that it was his idea to post the photos online. He even joked around, saying that they would go viral. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened when Katie put the photos on social media.

Her dad was totally right, and Rosie and her babies became internet famous overnight. The image got more than 90K upvotes and nearly 2,000 comments asking about the puppies.


14. A Star Is Born

Katie posted the photos to Reddit first, and that is where she got all of the upvotes and comments. However, when she posted the photos on Instagram, things really went crazy. Rosie was a sensation and the world fell in love with her cute puppies.

They were super healthy and fat little puppies, and that just made them even more adorable. One online publication, Nest, said that puppies can inherit certain traits from either parent and it depends on which genes the mother and father dogs carry.


15. It All Comes Down to Genetics

One organization, the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute, reported that dominant genes will always outrank genes that are recessive, and this often determines a dog’s appearance. That makes a lot of sense. It’s safe to assume that Rosie definitely passed on the puppies’ recessive genes and the father (whoever he is!) gave the dominant genes to his offspring.

It’s pure chance that Rosie’s puppies all took on their father’s physical traits. Usually, you will see some resemblance to the mother, even if they mostly look like their dad.


16. When Puppies Go Viral

People from Reddit were astonished at the spotted puppies who were born to a Golden Retriever mom. Some users even attempted to translate the expression on the adorable Rosie’s face. She looked confused in some photos, and one user suggested she was saying that there had been some sort of “mixpup” (pun intended).

Other Redditors said that Rosie looked like she was on the defensive over her pups as if she was mentally having to defend them. In fact, someone said that she was acting outraged.


17. "Seriously, Karen???"

The Reddit user who suggested that Rosie looked outraged jokingly said that everyone was being a “Karen” because having pups that look different is not such a big deal. She said, “Are you really that closed minded???” The comments showed that everyone got a huge kick out of the funny suggestions.

However, not all of the comments were funny and supportive. Foster mom Kate Black even had to defend herself when someone suggested that she and her husband deliberately bred two foster rescue dogs.


18. Kate Black Is Forced to Defend Herself

When someone suggested that Kate and John intentionally bred two of their dogs who are in foster care, Kate was horrified. She had to explain that Rosie came to them already very pregnant and that it just wasn’t something that she and John would ever do.

She even reminded everyone that it wasn’t as if they were going to have her get an abortion to get rid of the puppies. She further clarified that Rosie would be spayed as soon as it was safe for the operation to be performed.


19. Rosie Begins to Struggle

Rosie was still suffering from poor health and as it turns out, she had an infection. The poor sweet girl had to be on antibiotics for several weeks, but she did get better. Rosie was suffering from a bacterial infection called Metritis, which can happen after a difficult birth.

Because of the infection, Rosie’s milk production was down. However, John and Kate were there for her. John and Kate had to help bottle feed the puppies and they loved every single one.


20. Rosie Becomes An Excellent Mama

Eventually Rosie became healthier and was able continue with her motherly duties. She was finally able to feed her babies herself without the assistance of John and Kate. Rosie was one proud mama and she loved those babies deeply.

Over the next few weeks, the small cow puppies were growing rapidly. Rosie took good care of her pups, but it was clear that she would soon have to part ways with her adorable litter as each one would move along to other loving households.


21. John and Kate to the Rescue!

The couple knew they couldn’t keep all five dogs forever, but they found good homes for them. The Blacks were of course sad to see these unique pups go, but they were happy knowing that each dog would be with families who could properly love and care for the growing pups.

Kate kept the Instagram page up to date to keep Rosie’s fans in the loop about what was going on with her and her puppies. By the first week of January in 2018, Betsy and Clarabelle had been adopted. Later, Daisy and Moo also found forever homes.


22. Rosie Gets Her Forever Home Too

Rosie had to say her goodbyes to her pups with each new adoption. While Rosie was properly spayed and won’t be able to have any more puppies in the future, she’ll always have the memory of her four unique “cow pups” that crashed the internet in delight and confusion.

We end this story with a proper happy ending as not only did all four puppies find a loving home, but Rosie did as well. After being pregnant and neglected by her previous owners, she can finally experience a true loving home with her new family. A happy ending for all five dogs.