The Rules Kate Middleton Has to Follow Prove Princess Life is Not Easy!


The Strict Rules Kate Middleton Has To Follow

Controversial, for lack of a better word, is often used to describe the level of restrictions that a princess faces in Buckingham Palace. Many rules, by public opinion are archaic, but the Queen makes them and continues to uphold them.

From not being allowed to use social media, eat certain types of food, or show public affection, here are some of the items on the long list of restrictions that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has to adhere to!

1. The Queen Is Always First

You and Kate Middleton are both subject to this law. To some extent. If you ever have the pleasure of dining with the Queen, be mindful that after she has finished her meal, everyone at the table must immediately put down their cutlery and stop eating.

Other members of the Royal Family, such as Kate Middleton, are subject to the same law. It doesn’t matter if the food was delicious. You have to stop eating even if you were unable to finish your plate.


2. Cannot Publicly Speak About Any Pains

Kate Middleton needed to be strong throughout her pregnancies. She has to obey one rule: she must never complain. She won’t tell you whether her stomach is hurting or not.

The media would go into a frenzy if she said something derogatory about her pregnancy. You’d have no idea what she’s going through if you didn’t ask her.


3. Autographs Will Not Be Given

After joining the Royal Family, the Duchess of Cambridge became well-known. Fans, on the other hand, would not be able to get her to sign autographs. She may only sign legal papers that have been approved by Queen Elizabeth II, according to the rules of the throne.

The fear of anyone falsifying transactions on behalf of a member of the Royal Family is the reason for this regulation. Only photographs and handshakes are permitted as a result of this restriction.


4. Profiting Off Her Profession Is Prohibited To Her

Kate is not permitted to benefit from whatever activity she does, which some might find unusual in today’s world. Kate is a talented photographer who has published images she has taken over the years.

Normally, she would be able to monetize her photographs by licensing them. However, as a member of the Royal Family, her work is made public through the Palace, and she does not benefit directly from them.


5. They Can't Create Social Media Accounts

Social media use is prohibited within the Royal Family. No private accounts are available to members. This regulation is in place to keep confidential information from becoming public.

When you realize how quickly messages and pictures can be taken out of context, this rule is actually remarkably rational. Official crown accounts exist, but they are handled by communication experts who are responsible for carefully selecting images and texts.


6. No Affection Can Be Displayed Publicly

What if hugging or kissing your significant other in public was prohibited? Kate’s life is exactly like this! Public displays of affection are frowned upon by the Queen. As you might be aware, if the Queen does not approve, it is prohibited.

Photographers capturing a moment of affection between Kate and Prince William is unlikely. The couple isn’t even allowed to hold hands, according to the law. Only behind closed doors are there feelings of affection.


7. The Dress Code Is Rather Strict

Kate was seen wearing leather boots and colorful designs before she married, which she will never wear today. She is always allowed to wear leather, but only if no animals have been slaughtered.

We applaud this law! The royal family strongly acknowledges that animal cruelty is not amusing. This rule exists for ethical reasons and to keep her wardrobe from being too opulent.

We’re curious about Kate’s political feelings.


8. She No Longer Has The Right To Vote

No member of the Royal Family is allowed to vote or file a petition with the legislature. To protect the Royal Family’s integrity, all monarchs must remain neutral. This activity also ensures that the family does not have any control on election results.

Remember that the rule is a consensus and no legislation prohibits anybody from voting. However, who would dare to defy the all-powerful Queen? Typically, this rule is openly accepted.


9. She Can't Wear Any Provocative Type Of Clothing

Kate’s style was more flamboyant and daring when she was younger. She has changed her wardrobe in recent years and is now still dressed elegantly. She would never expose a lot of skin or wear patterns.

Kate seldom wears trousers and almost always wears a conservative shirt. If you want to emulate her look, invest in solid colored skirts and shirts, as well as some fabulous hats.


10. Black Clothes Must Always Be In Your Possession

During the day, members of the Royal Family are forbidden to wear black. The Queen believes that black should be reserved for mourning and, on rare occasions, nighttime activities. Traveling members of the Royal family must pack a selection of black clothes in their suitcases to prepare for a funeral.

Then, if a member of the family dies, they will be able to arrive in the UK dressed properly. When George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s father, died, she was on a trip through Africa and had no black clothes to wear when she arrived in England. Since then, access to black attire has been required.


11. The Royal Family Cannot Fly, Sail, or Drive Together

Vacation with the Royal Family? This necessitates a great deal of forethought! Traveling by plane, cruise, or train with members of the Royal Family is not recommended. They’re most likely employing a vacation planner!

In the case of a tragedy, the law was enacted to discourage future heirs to the British throne from dying together. As a result, it’s unlikely that Kate will be able to fly with both her husband and her father-in-law, Prince Charles.


12. Anglican Protestant Is The Only Choice For Her

Kate, like the rest of the Royal Family, is a Protestant Anglican. Since the monarch of the United Kingdom is also the head of the Protestant Anglican Church, it would be controversial if a member of the Royal Family followed another particular faith.

As part of her arrangements for her marriage to Prince William, the Duchess attended a religious confirmation ceremony at the Anglican Church in 2011.


13. Everyone Meets Up At Christmas For Family Time

Every Christmas, the Royal Family gathers at Sandringham Palace in Norfolk to spend time with one another. The Royal Family has a different tradition than other people, which is to open gifts after midnight or on the morning of December 25th.

The exchange takes place at the Palace every Christmas Eve during tea time. Is your family in the habit of exchanging presents on the same day? Are you planning a new tradition just to share something cool with royalty?


14. In Public, No Crying Is Allowed

Do you have emotional self-control? Kate is unable to do anything! She is forced to remain calm since joining the Royal Family, as she is not allowed to weep in public. That’s a rather difficult task for all of us to handle!

Even when she takes part in humanitarian efforts or honorary tributes, she must maintain a cool demeanor. You’d never catch a tear streaming down her cheek if she was ever filmed at a wedding or funeral.


15. Photographs Have To Be Taken In A Special Way

Have you ever noticed how picture-perfect Kate is? Since there is a policy for how they are to be photographed, you seldom see casual or candid images of the Royal Family.

When posing for portraits, royal women can make sure their jaws are parallel to the ground. They should take an etiquette class and understand this because it is not at all intuitive.


16. William Is Two Steps In Front Of Her, At All Times

While the world has changed, the Royal Family’s conventional values have not. This law is as antiquated as it is perplexing, but Kate isn’t defying it in the name of showing reverence for the Royal Family who raised her.

Kate must set aside her pride and walk two steps behind William in official public appearances to display reverence for her husband’s traditions. How do you feel about this rule?


17. The Queen Uses Special Codes To Communicate With Kate

Kate must follow and understand all of the Queen’s indications, signals, and codes. For example, Elizabeth places the bag on the table if she has to leave a dinner in five minutes.

Keep in mind that when the Queen finishes her meal, everybody must stop dining! There’s even a code for when she’s had enough of chatting. She accomplishes this by shifting her bag from one arm to the other.


18. You Can't Use Nicknames In The Palace

Members of the royal family are given a new title when they marry. She was given the title of Duchess of Cambridge shortly after her marriage was formalized.

Diminutives can never be used in front of a member of the Royal Family. Kate is known as Catherine Elizabeth Middleton in the Royal Family. There are no nicknames allowed inside the Palace!


19. Myrtle Must Be Included In The Bridal Bouquet

When it came to the design of Kate’s bouquet, she had no choice. Both royal brides carry a branch of myrtle into the ceremony, which is a sign of good luck and happiness in marriage.

This tradition dates back to Queen Victoria, who was given a myrtle by the groom’s grandmother. The myrtle is now harvested from a tree in the royal garden.


20. Dinners Must Be Considered Carefully

Kate is supposed to be very careful when preparing a dinner party, to prevent carelessness, and to always call the same company for assistance. The Marshal’s Office is in charge of assisting in the planning of all the dinners.

Furthermore, the seating arrangement at the table must be carefully considered. Seating is usually assigned in a priority order that takes into account factors such as age, language, and interests.


21. No Garlic In The Dinner

If Kate happens to like garlic, we hope she can live without it. Since Queen Elizabeth II despises garlic, it is forbidden to use it in any dish prepared at Buckingham Palace.

The good news is that she can eat as much garlic as she likes outside of the Royal Family’s residence.


22. Mussels And Oysters Will Not Be Served

Luckily, Kate isn’t a fan of mussels or oysters. The rule is in place since improperly stored foods can cause health problems. The Royals cannot afford to take this chance.

Hopefully, she went all out for one last seafood feast before formally joining the family!


23. Kate Must Accept All Gifts

Kate can never say no to presents from fans or strangers. In reality, all members of royalty are expected to embrace their “gifts” with a smile. And, well, they do get some strange things!

For example, the Queen was presented with a throne from the “Game of Thrones” series in 2015. Prince Charles was once presented with a doctoral dissertation, while Prince Andrew was given an Arctic Monkeys CD.


24. Hats Are Not Allowed After Six In The Evening

At all formal occasions, women of the Royal Family must wear caps. However, after 6 P.M., they must wear tiaras and crowns instead.

Accessories should be carefully positioned at the proper angle. Traditionally, they were only worn in front of the head; nowadays, the more common trend is to wear them at a 45-degree angle.


25. She Has To Keep Her Image Clean

All members of royalty, especially women, are required to maintain a pristine appearance. That’s why, when it comes to makeup and clothing, Kate Middleton never goes overboard.

Consider all of the Duchess’s photos. Do you recall seeing her wearing bold makeup or wearing bright prints? No way.


26. A Requirement Is To Be Cultured

Kate needs to be well-versed in various cultures as a public figure who is constantly traveling for official appointments.

Her knowledge of the history of the places she visits, as well as the local community, is important. Furthermore, anyone in the Royal Family is required to learn several languages.


27. When Should A Pregnancy Be Announced?

There’s also a procedure for how Royal women should behave when they find out they’re expecting a child. Normally, a member of the Royal Family’s pregnancy is revealed after the first 12 weeks, but Kate was an exception!

Since the Duchess suffered from severe nausea during her pregnancy, the family had to justify her absence from official events, making her announcement sooner.


28. Until Birth, The Baby's Sex And Name Must Be A Secret

Kate is not allowed to disclose the child’s name or gender until after the baby is born. As a result, the couple’s third heir’s name has remained a secret. So far, the most common names for Royal boys have been Arthur, Albert, and James.

In the meantime, many news sources love to speculate what the gender may be and which names they’d decide on. However, nothing is officially released until days after the child is born.


29. The Queen Must Be Informed First About A Child's Birth

When a baby is born, one person must be informed first, before anyone else. The Queen is the individual in question.

This maxim must be observed at all times, regardless of the circumstances. Keep in mind that when Prince George was born, Prince William called his grandmother on an encrypted cellphone.


30. An Extremely Careful Birth Announcement

After the Queen has been fully notified of the birth, an official person announces it to the general public.

This messenger is known as the “Crier.” This position is currently held by Tony Appleton. Since people couldn’t write or read in medieval times, this practice began common and stuck around as tradition.


31. After Childbirth, She Has No Privacy

Kate does not have the option of maintaining her privacy after the birth of a child. A golden easel with a sheet with details on the baby’s gender and date of birth is displayed near the palace to announce the arrival of a Royal baby.

This work is carried out by a messenger who informs Londoners on the streets. Besides, she wants to look good even though it’s just a few hours after the baby is born, and it’s time to leave the maternity ward and wave to fans.


32. The Kids Must Be Well Behaved

Kate is responsible for ensuring that her children are always well-behaved. Although one can hope for well-behaved children, the royal couple has three children under the age of five, which is likely to be stressful.

At least in public, the Duchess seems to have things under control. George (4) and Charlotte (2) are both immaculately dressed and on their best behavior in public.


33. Tea Cups Must Be Kept Accurately

Tea is considered “sacred” in the United Kingdom. However, you must know how to drink tea properly. When it comes to properly drinking tea, you can’t place your finger in the handle cavity.

Via the thumb and forefinger, underneath the middle finger, and eventually the little finger, hold the cup up. By the way, this can never be separated from the rest of the fingers! Kate must have practiced a lot to make sure she didn’t disappoint the Queen! Still want to be a Princess or a Duchess?


34. Remember To Cover Up, Especially Your Cleavage

Kate Middleton must be careful not to reveal her cleavage at all times. To cope with this, Princess Diana used to hold her clutch against her chest as she exited from cars.

She did this to reduce the likelihood of paparazzi snapping compromising photos of her. That’s a good idea in general.


35. In Public, She Doesn't Remove Her Coat

One thing you’ll never see Kate Middleton do in public is take off her jacket. When it’s hot outside or she’s uncomfortable, she can’t do it.

The explanation for this is that it is considered unladylike. Royalty must always look and act the part at all times. After all, they are constantly in the public eye.


36. Don't Ever Forget To Curtsy

As a member of the Royal Family, you must remember to show your respect. Curtsying in front of the most senior royal is something Kate Middleton would still do.

A curtsy is unavoidable if Queen Elizabeth appears. As you can see in the photo above.


37. Baby Showers Are Not Allowed

Kate Middleton is not allowed to have a baby shower, despite the fact that celebrities have them all the time and publicize them.

She gets free presents all the time, so that’s a good filler, but having one is against Queen Elizabeth’s royal laws. Yet, a royal playing one of those baby games would be hilarious. Perhaps one day.