Watch These Identical Triplets Transform Over 33 Years of Birthday Photos!

Can you imagine growing up with an identical twin? Better still, imagine growing up with two! As well as being able to confound friends and family, you’d have two extra special connections in your family. Today, we want to share snapshots of these terrific triplets as they transformed—from tots and teens to thirty-three.

You may (or may not) be surprised to know that this story has made its rounds on the internet already—however, the story you might have read was riddled with inaccuracies and false claims. So in addition to watching these boys morph through the ages, we want you to get to know the triplets as they really are. You might even be surprised by the end. 

1. The Beginning of Something Special

This is the Füger boys’ first birthday snap, taken in 1983 by their dad. We wonder if they knew that this picture would be the first in a series. Seen here is their first birthday card. This will become a running theme throughout the years.

The boys are all dressed in the same special little blue outfits. Two of them have their little fingers in their mouths. We wonder if twins or triplets naturally mimic each other’s style as they grow up. Maybe it’s an early influence.


2. Triple Trouble

Just look at those smiles! And look, the birthday sign is back! The boys have grown their hair out in the same way and are even dressed the same, this time donning Brazilian football uniforms—their dad must have been a fan. We wonder if the boys still support that team today.

The boys seem more aware of themselves than before. We wonder if they were aware that their picture was being taken. According to one of the triplets, the first few years were hard for their parents. Getting babies to pose is quite the challenge, as it turns out!


3. Three Siblings, Three Years!

Their parents must have decided to make it a tradition by now. Check out their matching Snoopy sweaters and the big toothy smiles on their faces! Their mom or dad must have figured out exactly how to get their attention at this point. Third time’s the charm!

In case you were wondering (because you don’t happen to speak German), the writing on their sign “Unser Geburstag” roughly translates to “Our Birthday.” Makes sense, right? We also couldn’t help noticing the bugs on the poster—three cute little bugs for three cute little boys.


4. Triplets Starting School

This would have been when the boys entered school for the first time. The three of them look as bright and cheerful about their big milestone as the sun in their birthday poster. Although they still have the same boyish looks, one of the triplets has gone with a yellow sweater, unlike his two brothers in their sky blues.

The triplets commented that they created chaos for their dad as he tried to take their yearly snap as soon as they realized what he was up to. Apparently, one of the brothers would refuse to take part each year. Their dad must have been one heck of a negotiator! 


5. Year Five - Not So Happy

It looks like two of the Füger boys wanted to opt out on this one. The three of them are wearing matching (but differently colored) sweaters. It’s one way to tell them apart. Maybe another sports reference? Either way, their parents did a good job wrangling them in for this one. 

And take a good look at their new birthday sign. As you’re about to see, that sign gets taken out of the closet and dusted off at least once a year for a very special day. We wonder if the boys will start to look more different from each other as they continue to grow.


6. Bringing Back The Smiles

Nope! The boys look completely identical once again. And their smiles have returned too! Maybe they just decided to give their parents an easy time. Here they are dressed in checkered racecar sweaters with a green streak.

See what we meant about the sign? This year, their mom and dad decided to paint over the number five to write the number six. It looks like they were having a great birthday this year as the boys proudly hold up their sign.  


7. New Year, New Gear?

Sweaters and jeans are sooo 1980s! This year, the boys went with embroidered overalls for their birthday snap. The sign is back with a fresh coat of paint and a new number in the middle. The boys look like they’re doing their best to look smart for the camera.

The boys are growing up, but their looks have remained the same. It’s still quite hard to tell them apart, but their hairstyles are a bit of a giveaway. It looks like each of the brothers has been receiving plenty of visits from the tooth fairy, too. 


8. Cool Kids

The boys got a fresh new look for the new decade: short and spiky on top. Those smiles look mischievous, but their dad snagged a great photo this year. All three are looking cool with their traditional Füger birthday sign. And it looks like the boys have a new line of chompers to boot!

Those polka dot tops look very snug and very sleek. The colors may differ, but the styles still match. Germany can get pretty cold at any time of year, but it looks like their birthday comes around in the colder months. Still, they look nice and cozy here.


9. Gigglefest

It’s a miracle that their sign survived so long already. The triplets aren’t little kids anymore. Maybe they’re even enjoying the birthday tradition now! Despite the fact that they’re all sitting in this photo, we bet the boys were starting to get tall at this point too.

Their hairdos look archetypically 90s, as do their sweaters. Check out those odd color combinations! But their parents somehow still found time to get them matching clothes. What lucky kids.


10. Tenth Birthday, New Camera

Double digits! Turning ten is a big milestone for anyone, but imagine being a parent and having to plan three birthdays! The Füger boys are out of sweaters and into plaid shirts. Looking smart! They look like such nice kids. We’re sure that by now, they would have played their fair share of pranks.

The camera quality looks better here, for sure. Innovations in technology were starting to become commonplace back then. Undoubtedly, one of the brothers, Florian, would have had fun playing with his parents’ new camera, considering his future career. 


11. A New Way to Dress

The boys may not be wearing matching outfits here, but their display of peak 90s fashion is unmatched: polka dot navy blue, stripy red and green, and a green-gold sweater. All three of them look nonplussed about their photo. By now, they must be expert posers (in the best possible sense). 

Anyone who grew up in that decade will have had their fair share of these kinds of snaps. What can we say? It was a different time. We wonder what the future has in store for them (spoilers: boyband looks await).


12. Red And Blue

The triplets look very cool here in their blue and red shirts. Rather than matching, they’re color-coordinating. It looks like mom and dad had long since stopped planning their outfits. All the same, the short, styled hair is back.

In case you were wondering about the birthday board’s changing number, they peeled the old sticker off and replaced it with a new one each year. We can imagine it must be quite challenging to pull it off without a tear!


13. Red And Blue, Redux

You can now sort of tell the difference between each of the brothers. Here, one of the Füger boys has gone for a bright blonde surfer look. He looks like he came fresh from the beach, surfboard in hand!

It’s sweet to see brotherly love captured like this in a photo. And it looks like a new color pattern has emerged. Red-blue-red. We wonder if this new trend will be incorporated into the family tradition.


14. Bad To The Bone 

Oops. It looks like we spoke too soon. The boys are branching out in more ways than one. The boys are doing their best “tough guys” impression. We bet they were still sweethearts deep down. It looks like they have the birthday pose on automatic now.

The boys are entering their teen years, and you know what that means. The triplets commented that instead of dealing with babies or toddlers, their dad had three hormonal sons to coordinate for their shoot. It mustn’t have been easy. 


15. Boy Band Looks

Check out the siblings here, debuting their radical new styles: bead necklaces, platinum blond hair, and even what looks like the root of dreads. This picture could have come straight from a popular boy band album cover. 

At 15 years old, they dropped the bright and colorful clothing for black and white. It’s a stark contrast, but it’s the age when boys become men. Still, here they are, holding their parent’s hand-made birthday board, which is now more than a decade old. Some things never change.


16. Divergence

What a transition. The boys are filling out—they look more like young men now. We love their varied hairstyles and colors. Black and white seem to be in vogue. It looks like they might be fans of metal music, which was becoming more and more popular back then. Hopefully, their parents didn’t mind when they had the volume up.

When asked if they were ever frustrated with being grouped together as a “pack,” Florian, one of the boys, commented that “even if you initially associate one brother or sister with a physical trait such as a hair color or style, you will eventually get to know them better, and you will realize that they have a personality of their own.” We think that’s quite insightful.


17. Back To Basics

They look so confident now, almost 18 years old. But we have to admit, even if they have different perspectives and personalities, they look more alike than ever. In any case, their parents must have been so proud.

This year, the three of them decided to give up the long hair and dye for a clean and natural look. They might not be doing the matching outfits thing as they did when they were children, but they definitely still have swag.


18. And Back to Black

The boys really look chiseled now. We think at least two of them were hitting the gym regularly. Their childhoods are long behind as the future opens up before them—but not before they take the old birthday board out of the closet and slap an “18” sticker in the middle.

Doesn’t time fly? It seems like the boys were just little kids with matching sweaters and big toothy smiles. Now they’re celebrating their 18th birthday and starting a new chapter of their lives. It must have been an exciting time.


19. A Little Color

The boys are back to their classic look: three big grins and relaxed poses. Maybe the weight of adulthood has gotten easier—or maybe their mom started to complain about their lack of smiling. Who knows. We wonder what she thought of the lip ring.

The boys were really into partying from 15 and up. Each year, they were probably quite tired from the festivities. Since they had grown out of that habit by 19, they had plenty of energy to spare. Plus, they probably had less to clean up! Win-win.


20. Brothers Forever

Whoa, check out these radical new dudes. A lot must have happened this year. It’s around this age that many young adults in Germany are busy studying at university. Apparently, the Füger brothers were all off studying in different cities and even different countries. 

But even when their studies had them separated, they each made time for a birthday reunion at their parent’s place. Otherwise, they’d have to ship their birthday board all around Europe for the photo.  Luckily, that board still isn’t showing any sign of wear or tear! 


21. Make Love, Not War

Did the 60s come back around? It feels like a blast from the past with the bright colors and the “make love not war” shirt. The boys look happy and relaxed here at 21. We can’t help but wonder if they were coordinating hairstyles, though.

We hope they were coming into their own at this time. And we also hope they were giving their dad an easier time with his camera work.


22. Going Dark (Haired)

Here we are. 22 years old already, and the boys are still keeping with the backyard tradition. Notice that their hair has gone dark. Once again, we’re strangely reminded of the 60s. This time, we’re thinking of The Beegees. Night fever, night fever! 

We’re reminded of their fourth birthday photo. One of the brothers is in yellow and the other two in blue. It’s probably not what they had in mind at the time, but still. It’s admirable that the brothers stuck to the tradition for so long. 


23. Radical Styles

The boys have clearly come into their own. Their styles have deviated somewhat. 2006 was a great year for mosh pits, pop-punk, and bracelets. Short hair, long hair, emo or metalhead, the boys have made time for another birthday party together. 

We dig the casual-casual black and white t-shirt, complete with a drawn-on collar, sunglasses, and camera. There’s some incredible style going on here between the three brothers.


24. All The Other Styles

It looks like the boys are really into the tradition now. We think the long hair, bracelets, and earrings all look great. They certainly evoke a time of happy memories for us. The sticker is starting to look a little thick here on the board. Maybe they left a few of the older stickers on?

While there are still similarities, they look as different from each other as they’ve ever been. When asked about all the changing hairstyles, the triplets said, “you should have seen all the hairstyles between birthdays!”


25. Brotherly Hugs

Their looks haven’t changed much since last year—it just looks like they added, well, more. They brought bigger, longer hair and wider grins. This year, it seems like they broke from the tradition of using their backyard bush as a backdrop.

And are all Germans so careful with their childhood things? That sign is now two decades old, and besides a folded corner, it looks pristine. At least, as pristine as a piece of cardboard can possibly be. Props to these triplets and their parents for taking such good care of this sentimental sign.


26. Long Hair Like They Just Don’t Care

It looks like the other two wanted to try the long hair look for themselves. Here they are looking sharp on their 26th. They say that this is the year that most people stop growing into who they will be for the rest of their lives. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this is true or not.

It’s nice when you remember that even into the second half of their 20s, the boys are still taking part in a tradition started by their mom and dad, ever since they turned one. What better sons could you ask for?


27. Killer Looks

It’s the start of another new decade, and the tradition is still going strong. We’ve seen them through so many years; it’s easy to forget that this was one of their special days. We wonder what they were getting up to on their 27th birthdays.

Two of the three brothers got clean haircuts, and it looks like mouth piercings got in style around this year. Fashion became upbeat and colorful again around this time, too, as evidenced by the bright, multicolored logos on their shirts.


28. Easy Breezy

Yeah, the triplets are definitely into the tradition at this point. It’s amazing that they still had time to fly in to make this happen. Or maybe by this time, the brothers all decided to live and work close to each other.

According to one of the three (Florian), one brother works as a pediatric doctor, one trains dogs to go up into space (No kidding?), and one, well, we’ll save the best for last. How do we know all this? The brothers said so themselves!


29. An Uncanny Resemblance

If you’re able, flip back to the last slide and check out the brother on the left and the middle. They seem to be so good at this annual photo that it looks like they haven’t moved since the last time it was taken. Okay, the backdrop looks different, but it’s uncanny, no?

It’s almost like someone edited the picture, changed a few details (like the backdrop and the clothes), and… But no, this is in fact a new year and new birthday. In just one year, the boys will be hitting another milestone—30!


30. Thirty And Thriving!

Arm in arm, the boys have made it to the big three-zero. They look like quite a team here with their “Unser Geburstag” birthday board still intact with a shiny new “30” on top. It looks like a beautiful day out too.

What a trio of handsome boys. We love their outfits—checkered blue and pink, a cool Adidas shirt, and a fantastic drum kit tee. We wonder if the boys ever played in a band. Band or no band, we bet their parents are proud of them.


31. Futurebound

From their time as little kids trying to cause havoc for their dad as he took pictures of them to startlingly handsome adults themselves, it must have been quite a journey. As ever, the boys are proudly holding up the sign their parents made for them all those years ago, hand-on-shoulders, beaming for the camera.

And that must be the house in the background. If it’s their family home, it’s a beautiful building with many years of history inside. No doubt there were good times and bad, but through it all, it seems that family is very important to these three.


32. Time Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun. We hope that, for the last 32 years, the brothers have lived their lives to the fullest and that they continue to follow their dreams.

They will always have these photos (and their birthday board) to remind them that they are loved. It’s sweet to think that while times may change, their bond will never be broken.


33. 33, But Not The Last

Here we are at 33. The triplets look as good as ever. This is by no means their last photo together. You’ll be happy to know that the boys still carry on the tradition, even to this day. All three brothers are reportedly doing very well—one of them is even a Youtuber specializing in Photoshop tutorials.

But don’t worry—these photos are real—we checked. You can find one of the brothers on his channel, Flowmotion. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll even respond if you leave a comment on one of his videos! We hope the iconic triplets are well and doing what makes them happy. Here’s to the next 33 years of pictures with the “Unser Geburstag” board!