What Your Old Childhood Toys Are Worth Today

Have you ever wondered what the most valuable toys from your childhood are worth today? Childhood toys are just like many other things from the past – some of them become much more valuable than their original price over time.

There are certain old toys that are valued at thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in today’s market. We have created a list of the most valuable and expensive toys from the past that might still be in your basement or attic.

1. The Superman Toy for $20,000

The original Superman Action Figure was released by the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company in 1940. The figure was made from wood, except the upper body and head. This 13-inch toy was the very first superhero action figure.

Its original retail price was only 94 cents, while its price today is about $20,000. Today this superhero figure is considered one of the most collectible toys in the world. Considering the fact that Superman remains one of the most popular superheroes, it is no wonder why this toy is so valuable and rare.


2. The Matchbox Car for $13,000

These Matchbox Cars were released in 1953 by Lesley Products and cost only $1. The toy company was later acquired by Mattel. In 2004, a renowned Matchbox collector Jim Gallegos bought one of these Matchbox cars (Brown crane No.30) for $13,000. The same crane was then listed on an online retail site for $2,500 because it has almost no original paint left.

The funny fact is that Jim Gallegos’ whole collection of Matchbox cars cost over $1.4 million. However, the biggest collection of matchbox cars is owned by Charlie Mack – he has over 40,000 Matchbox-branded toys.


3. Beanie Baby for $475,000

When Beanie Babies debuted, their price was only $10. However, they became a smash hit very fast. Buyers rampaged into stores all over the United States hoping to find a rare Beanie Baby that they can later sell on Ebay or keep in their collections.

Most Beanie Babies are not expensive, but there are some hidden gems that can make their owners rich. One of them is a very rare purple Beanie Baby named Princess Diana. It was introduced by the company TY on October 29, 1997. American retailers could order only 12 of these rare Beanies. For this reason, the cost of Princess Diana today is $475,000.


4. The Telescopic Lightsaber Darth Vader (1978) for $6,000

When Star Wars debuted, it completely changed blockbuster filmmaking and game science-fiction. The high-tech approach of George Lucas was completely new. Thousands of people rushed into theaters to see the new movie. In the meantime, Star Wars toys started being made and collected.

In 1978, the average price for Star Wars toys was $2.50. However, there was one toy that is considered today a must have for any toy collector. It is the Telescopic Lightsaber Darth Vader that you can sell and buy for $6,000 today. The reason why this toy is so expensive is there were only a few hundred of these figures created.


5. The Pokemon Card - Pikachu Illustrator for $150,000

The Pokemon trading card game became popular in 1999 and remained popular among children and adults for a long time. It became a real phenomenon – from playground trading to professional collecting.

The Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator card is definitely the rarest card in existence. There are only six Pokemon Illustrator cards, which makes it one of the rarest collectibles in the toy world.


6. The Doll Molly McIntire for $5,000

Molly McIntire is one of the historical characters of the company American Girl – the doll company that was started in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland. This iconic doll was released in 1996, and she represented the era of the Second World War. Molly retired in 2013, and therefore she is quite valuable for collectors.

Molly is a nine-year-old girl wearing a red, blue, and green sweater over a white T-shirt and a navy blue skirt. Her clothes represent the war era as well. Her initial purchase price was only $85, and now her value has increased up to $5,000.


7. Vintage LEGO for $1,500

LEGO is one of the most popular building toys created by the Danish company the Lego Group. The first plastic LEGO sets were made and sold in the 1940s. After many decades, LEGO is still very popular among children and adults. Major companies like Warner Bros. are even creating films with LEGO characters.

If you own vintage LEGO sets, you may have money coming your way. For example, if you have a Monorail Transport System set, you can sell it for almost $1,500. You can get even more for it if it is still unopened.


8. Pete The Pusher for $3,000

Pete the Pusher is an old wooden toy made by Fisher Price in 1936. Fisher Price is one of the world’s leading toy companies, making classic toys children love. Pete twists his body and head from side to side while pushing the cart. Originally, it was released as an inexpensive toy that most parents could afford.

The original price of this toy was just 50 cents, and you will be shocked to know how much Pete the Pusher costs today. If you have this toy in its original conditions, its resale value can reach the mark of $3,000.


9. Original Lite-Brite For $300

The Original Lite-Brite was released in 1967 and its price was only $10. If you have kept it all these years, you can sell it for $300, which is a 3,000% return on your investment. It is valuable for both toy collectors and kids, especially those who spend too much time looking at their phones.

The Lite-Brite is a lightbox that consists of small colored plastic pegs that will illuminate once you plug them into the black pegboard. With the help of this toy, kids develop their creativity and create unique works of art. The original Lite-Brite set includes such colors as blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, green, and violet.


10. Teddy Ruxpin for $400

This story-telly teddy bear with a built-in cassette recorder quickly became a hit among kids when it was first released in 1985. He can move his eyes realistically, remember names, and tell stories. It came with a book that a kid could read along with. Ruxpin was actually the first animatronic toy in the world. In 1985, the teddy bear was sold for $69.99.

Today, you can buy or sell this toy for $400 on Ebay. The toy company keeps producing these bears, but collectors always look for the original. You can buy a new one for $50-70, depending on the retailer, but if you own the original version of it, its price can be almost 10 times higher.


11. My Little Pony for $900

My Little Pony dolls were a very popular toy in the 80s that you could buy at KB toys or Toy R Us. Over the years, many toy collectors saved these dolls in order to resell them. However, one very sought-after My Little Pony doll could be ordered by mail.

This pink My Little Pony doll with a long mane was named Rapunzel and is more valuable than any other My Little Pony. In order to get this doll, you would have to order it by mail and wait for the pony to arrive. Those who went through this hassle and now have this doll can sell it for at least $900. Believe it or not, but there are many fans of vintage toys who are ready to buy it at this high price.


12. Luke Skywalker for $25,000

It is impossible to talk about the original Star Wars trilogy without discussing the legendary Jedi, Luke Skywalker. When Star Wars was first released in the theaters, hundreds of kids bought Luke Skywalker toys in the 1970s and 1980s.

Some of them decided not to even open the boxes. If you are one of them, you can now sell an unopened Luke Skywalker toy for $25,000. This is how much it cost at the Sotheby’s Auction in 2015. There are other valuable and rare Hungarian and Canadian versions of the bounty hunter Boba Fett that were sold by a designer from Japan – their total price was over $21,000.


13. A Furby for $900

Furbies were released in 1998 and immediately skyrocketed in popularity. Hundreds of parents rushed into stores to get these toys for their kids. These unique electronic creatures were able to make creepy sounds, hold conversations, and blink their eyes. All this made them look very realistic. A funny fact is that furbies were also banned by the National Security Agency (NSA) from Fort Meade, because the NSA believed that the toys were used for listening to conversations.

The original Furby’s price was $35. This is the price that most Furbies are sold for today. However, there are some rare versions of Furby that you can sell for $900. So if you have one of these unique Furbies, do not miss your chance to make money on them.


14. The Hot Wheels Van for $72,000

This Hot Wheels pink car first came out in 1968, and it had become very popular by the 70s. There were plenty of precious Hot Wheels Cars that have surfaced over the past few decades. However, the most popular and unique was the Volkswagen Beach Bomb with a surfboard that was sticking out of the van’s back.

An interesting fact about this car is that it did not work on the tracks, and for this reason, it was discontinued. Today, it is one of the most sought-after toys, and many collectors are ready to pay a fortune to get it. One of them was recently sold at an auction for $72,000.


15. Action Comics #1 for $3.2 million

Superman is the most powerful, photographed, and popular fantasy hero in the United States. He became the first superhero in comics history who received his own comic series that was named after him. DC Comics, one of the largest American comic book companies, released Superman in its Action Comics #1 in 1938. The original comic was sold by someone in 2014 for $3.2 million.

Nostalgia is not the main reason why this comic is so expensive. It is also very rare – there are no more than 50 of these comic books in the world. If you are lucky enough to have one of these books, you can change your life forever.


16. The Cabbage Patch Kid for $1,000

The Cabbage Patch Kids are cloth dolls that were created by Xavier Robers in 1982. They were named “The Little People” and had become very popular in the 80s. Back then, they were quite expensive toys – an average Cabbage Patch Kid cost $40, which was considered as an “adoption fee”.

However, today, the original Cabbage Patch Kids from the 80s cost even more – over $1,000 for one doll. “The Little People” were re-released in 2014, but they are not as popular and valuable as their vintage versions.


17. The Original Version of Monopoly for $146,000

Monopoly debuted in 1933 and quickly became one of the most popular board games in modern history. Today, you can find many versions of Monopoly in a store for about $15. But do you know how much the original version of this board game is worth?

In 2011, the original 1933 version of Monopoly was sold for $146,500. The reason why it costs so much money is the fact it is very rare. Perhaps you have never even seen the original version with the diagonal spaces connecting “Free Parking” and “Go.” There are also other vintage versions of Monopoly that are quite valuable too – their average price is $3,000.


18. A Lionel Toy Crane for $85,000

The Lionel Corporation is one of the most well-known American Toy companies that has been producing model trains since 1906. In the 1950s, the company created a prototype for yellow model cranes. Today, this prototype of the Lionel 3360 Buro Crane is almost impossible to find. This is the main reason why it is so expensive and valuable.

One of the eBay sellers decided to auction this crane for over $85,000. This price is quite fair. Lionel vehicles are among the best-built models. Therefore, it is not surprising that many collectors want their hands on this prototype.


19. The Pinball Machine for $30,000

Today, the average price for a pinball machine is a few thousand dollars. Vintage machines obviously cost more, but none are as expensive as this cool Big Bang Bar Pinball Machine by Capcom. This machine debuted in Chicago, but only a few of them were sold.

Its exquisite animation and artwork make this pinball machine truly unique and valuable. In addition, it also features excellent gameplay and quality. If you are a lucky owner of one of these 13 machines, then you can make at least $30,000 by selling it to a pinball fan or a notable collector.


20. A Garbage Pail Kid Card for $4,000

Garbage Pail Kids were released in 1985 as a funny parody of Cabbage Patch Kids (“The Little People”). In the 80s these cards became so popular among kids and caused so much distraction during class that certain schools had to ban them.

One of the original card series included the card called “Adam Bomb”. If you have one of them and have kept it for years, you can sell it for $4,000. Other cards are valuable as well and can be sold for about $700 each. You can even get more if you keep these cards in their original packaging.


21. Wun-Dar He-Man for $1,000

He-Man was one of the most popular TV characters among American kids in the 1990s. The animated series and comics about this character spawned a toy industry that lasted over a decade.

The promotional figure was created and released by the Wonder Bread team in 1981. Any buyer who purchased their bread would receive this promotional figure of Wun-Dar He-Man in the mail. Many of these toys were lost and destroyed, so it is hard to find them now. This is what makes them so valuable. Today, if you have a mint-condition He-Man, you can sell it for at least $1,000. The out-of-box figure will cost less – about $120.


22. Original Transformer Action Figures for Hundreds of Dollars

Transformers have transcended generations and countries. In 1984, Hasbro (an American multinational conglomerate) received the rights to sell Japanese toys on the American market. The original release of Transformer toys had 28 figures that kept growing in value since 1984.

They are not the most tech-savvy toys, but they are very sought after by collectors. If you have an Optimus Prime, for example, you can sell it for $600. If you are a lucky owner of both Megatron and Optimus Prime, then you can fetch over $1000 for these vintage figures.


23. PEZ Dispenser for $32,205

Since the 70s, PEZ dispensers have been considered very popular and a wanted collector’s item. There are many different unique dispensers, but none of them can compare to this one made in 1982. It is believed that this dispenser is a prototype for the World’s Fair Board.

When this dispenser appeared at an auction, it was sold immediately for an extremely high price of $32,205. The fact that it is very rare and has a unique design makes it a valuable toy and desired item.


24. The Old Shooter Game for $500

If you have ever played Galaga, then you are definitely familiar with MUSHA. It is a shooter game that was released by Sega in 1990. In the game, a player scrolls vertically and tries to wipe out enemies. That is it – its plot is very simple and basic.

The game was re-released in 2008 on the Wii Virtual Console. However, it could not replace the original game. So, if you have an original version of MUSHA, you can sell it for about $500.


25. Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards for $3,000

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi. The cartoon was based on the trading cards system, in which people dueled each other, battling for life points. It was a very smart method to merchandise their decks. By 2018, Yu-Gi-Oh had become one of the leading franchises in the world.

The cartoon is still popular today among kids and adults, so you can make decent money by selling your old trading cards from the 1990s and 2000s. Some of them have auctioned for over $1,000. There are also some rare and unique cards, like Cyber Stein, that are worth over $3,000.


26. Mario Kart 64 for $750

Today, Nintendo releases a new version of Mario Kart games every few years. The first version of this competitive racing game debuted in 1996 and was Mario Kart 64 – named after the console Nintendo 64.

None of the new Mario games can compare to the original version of it, especially not in its value. Therefore, it is so expensive and sought-after by many collectors. Some of them are ready to pay hundreds of dollars to have it. Right now, you can find Mario Kart 64 on eBay for $750.


27. The Charizard Pokemon Card for $3,000

Pokemon was all the rage in the 90s. It is still popular among kids – many of them are big fans of the Japanese animation. There were many different Pokemon cards, and one of the most precious was the Charizard card. It was the most popular Pokemon in the show, and it became one of the most desired and sought cards.

If you have the original version of this card from the late 90s or early 2000s, you can consider yourself lucky and blessed. Today, the price of the Charizard card is $3,000, and the resale value is even higher.


28. The Ninja Turtles for $5,000

Since the Ninja Turtles were created, they appeared on many different products. You should not forget about these action figures. If you ever received them during your Ninja Turtle-themed birthday party, you may be able to make a few hundred dollars.

If you were able to keep your Turtle action figures in perfect condition, you can sell them for up to $550. There are also some rare models that are much more expensive. Some of them can cost $5,000 and even more.


29. Jem and the Hologram Dolls for $700

In the 80s, there were some fashionable dolls that looked similar to Barbie but were their own entity – Jem and the Hologram dolls. They were inspired by the popular TV series, which aired for three seasons. The company Hasbro has already stopped producing them, but you can still sell them to collectors if you have any around.

An opened package of Jem and the Hologram dolls will cost up to $700. It will be even more valuable and expensive if you kept any related accessories along with the dolls.


30. The She-Ra figure for $4,000

If you think that the He-Man action figure mentioned above costs a fortune, you should think again. There is also He-Man’s twin sister named She-Ra that is also quite valuable today. In 1985, She-Ra was given her own show called She-Ra and the Princess of Power. In 2018, the show was rebooted.

Most likely, there will be new She-Ra toys and action figures. But they will never cost as much as the original old 1980s toys. If you are a lucky owner of a boxset similar to the one you can see in the picture above, you can sell it to collectors and receive $4,000 for it. And if you have an unopened set, you can make even more.


31. Boba Fett Action Figure For $5,000

Boba Fett is a popular character himself, gaining increased popularity in the last year as a new series about the bounty hunter is set to air in December of 2021. If you were able to keep a 1980 Boba Fett action figure, you are in for a real treat.

A mint condition version of this figure can be sold today for $,5000. However, even if the toy was used, it is still valuable, and you can receive a few hundred dollars for it.


32. Easy-Bake Oven for $4,000

Easy-Bake ovens were immensely popular. The first one was released in 1963, and since then, over 16 million Easy-Bake ovens were made and sold.

An Easy-Bake oven is appreciated for its simplicity and vintage design. If you still own one of its first versions from the 1960s or 1970s, you can resell it for at least $4,000.


33. The Nintendo Game Boy for $1,000

The Nintendo Game Boy that was released in 1989 is considered a thing of the past. However, many collectors still want to have them and are ready to buy the handheld console for a lot of money.

Therefore, if you still have the original 1989 version of the Nintendo console, you can sell it on eBay today for at least $1,000.


34. Magic: The Gathering for $8,700

These cards may not have been very popular when they debuted in 1993. However, its popularity has grown in time. By 2015, there were 20 million fans collecting these cards.

Recently, one of the original starter decks was sold at an auction for $8,700. This is one of the most valuable investments on this toy list. There are also single cards that may cost thousands of dollars. One of them is a 7 Mox Emerald card- its price is $2,700.


35. Old Super Soakers for $500

Super Soakers were a very popular toy in the 90s. They were sold for $10 to $50. Even though you may think it is just a piece of plastic, old versions of Super Soakers in mint condition can be sold for a few hundred dollars.

They do not have to be new. You can also sell a used toy for about $150, as long as it is in a good condition. Who would’ve thought that a super soaker would be an easy way to make some extra money and pay off your bills?


36. Lionel's Vintage Pennsylvania Trains For $250,000

Having a train set was something almost every child wanted. The American company Lionel created the most beautiful, unique, and exquisite train sets. The company was established in 1900 in the United States and immediately became popular with their train sets. Their vintage train costs a lot of money today.

The most expensive and valuable model is a 1934 Standard Gauge train that was sold at an auction for $250,000. It seems rather absurd that someone spent a quarter of a million on a fake train, but that’s the value of collecting.


37. Beauty and the Beast for $13,500 - Rare Edition

The Beauty and the Beast VHS tape that was released in 1991 is one of the most expensive Disney tapes. This is due to some of Disney’s most unique melodies being found on this tape.

Many collectors are hunting for this edition, and they are ready to pay thousands of dollars for it. Today, it is sold on eBay for $13,500.


38. The Original Tape of 101 Dalmatians for $7,000

Everyone knows this Disney movie about Cruella Deville and the 101 dogs that she is trying to use for making coats. The original tape of this movie released in 1961 costs a fortune today.

If you are a lucky owner of this tape, and its condition is still good, you can easily ask $7,000 for it. Some sequels are also valuable. For example, the sequel called Dalmatian Vacation on VHS can be sold for a few hundred dollars.


39. Thomas and Friends for $200

Thomas and Friends was a popular and long-running kids show on TV that existed for decades. It started in 1984, and over 100 episodes were released.

Many episodes were recorded on VHS tapes that cost a lot of money today. They are among the most collectible items on the toy market. The price of one tape is $200. So if you have any of them, you can easily sell your entire collection for a good amount of extra cash.


40. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for $8,000

This cartoon is the first feature-length animated film created by Walt Disney. It was released in 1938 and became one of the most popular Disney films that is watched by generations.

When Disney started making a collection of VHS tapes, many of them were given a Black Diamond Status, and most of them cost a fortune today. One of them is an 80-year old Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tape that was sold on eBay for $8,000.

It might be worth holding onto your old toys, VHS tapes, DVDs, and gaming consoles a little bit longer. You never know how much they’ll be worth in a few decades.